Auto Upgrades: The Best Ways to Upgrade Your Car

When it comes to auto upgrades, there are certain things you can do. Check out these ways and tips on how to upgrade your car.

Your car is a major investment. In fact, for most people, this is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. That’s why you want to keep it looking as awesome as possible. And yet not every car comes loaded with every cool feature you might wish it had. That’s why you need to consider some auto upgrades in order to take your car’s appearance to the next level.

There are tons of upgrades to choose from. The key is to pick the ones that add the right touches and reflect your personality. This article takes a look at a variety of upgrades that should be at the top of your list. Keep reading to see the details.

New Wheels

Let’s start with the wheels. Why? Because most factory wheels are boring enough to put you in a coma.  Cool new sporty wheels add spice to the appearance of your car. No matter what type of ride you drive, a great set of wheels will quickly elevate it from forgettable to something sure to turn heads. Wheels convey attitude. So for a minor investment, you’ll instantly make your car fun to drive and even more fun to show off in the pickup line at your kid’s school.

New Paint Job

Next is the paint job. Because the simple truth is that your car’s paint won’t look perfect forever. Especially if you haven’t cared for it properly. A lot of factors can impact your paint job. Everything from years sitting out in the sun, to scratches, to dents and dings where rocks have tagged you on the road over the years. A fresh coat of paint can remove those years of wear and tear, making your baby look like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

And when you go with a new paint job, you don’t have to repeat the original color. In fact, the sky’s the limit. Choose a new and exciting color so that you’ll feel like you’re driving a brand new car. You can also add exciting details like racing stripes, metallic flecks, or a multi-tone look that will truly transform it into something special.

New Sound System

There’s never been a better time to invest in a sound system upgrade for your car. Technology has made it possible to create a music experience that will blow your mind. No matter what your flavor, the are stereo components and accessories that will make you salivate as your beats thump through state-of-the-art speakers. From Bluetooth to satellite radio, there’s no limit to the audio experience you create when you upgrade your sound system. 

Navigation System 

It’s also never been easier to get around. Gone are the days of huge maps unfolded and sprawled out in the car, or getting lost and spending hours trying to get back on course. GPS navigation has changed what it means to get from place to place with ease.

The latest GPS technology for cars is like something out of a science-fiction movie. You can interact with your navigation system, and receive up-to-date, real-time guidance as you drive toward your destination. There’s no reason to rely on your phone because car navigation systems make it easy to get the instructions you need with a totally hands-free experience. 

New Seats Or Seat Covers

As with your paint job, the interior of your car won’t continue to look pristine forever. Seat covers eventually start to look faded, worn and tired, or they become structurally soft. That’s why investing in new seats or seat covers is such a great upgrade idea. 

When seats begin to feel saggy and uncomfortable, this is a sign that perhaps the entire seat should be replaced. Or if they’re just looking a bit tired, sweet new leather seat covers might be the more affordable option. New seat covers provide a renewed sense of comfort and luxury. And this is a small price to pay in order to be reminded how much you loved your car the day you bought it.

Racing Pedals

Want to give your car an extra sporty look and feel? Racing pedals can help make any type of car feel like a classic muscle from the ’60s. Sleek and fun, new pedals will once again help to transform your commuter car into the type of ride you’ve always wanted but didn’t think you could afford. You can find a wide range of upgrade options at RedLine Autoparts.

Performance Engine Upgrades 

The simple truth is that one of the best upgrades for your car is to tweak the engine. There are a ton of ways to accomplish this. From forces induction, to turbocharge, to new spark plugs, fine-tuning your engine will transform into a road-eating monster.

You’d be amazed at how much power you can add to your engine with a few minor adjustments. And the more you spend, the more juice you’ll be able to coax out of that bad boy when you punch the gas. Engine upgrades might stay under the hood out of sight, but you’ll be reminded that they’re there every time you head down the road.

High-Performance Tires

High-performance tires are another way to elevate the coolness factor of your car. You can spend as much as you want, and the more you spend the sleeker and faster your car will become. Sleek low-profile tires add a sporty touch that will make your car look great while also increasing your ability to hug the road.

Steering Wheel

Finally, perhaps you should upgrade your steering wheel. A sleek steering wheel is the perfect compliment for racing pedals and will make you feel like an Indy Car driver heading into the final lap at Daytona.

Taking your car to the next level isn’t complicated. The key is to buy the right auto upgrades to make it fun to look at and even more fun to drive.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.