Things That Every Car Needs to Stay Healthy

Owning a car is a blessing, but it can also be expensive.

How did you feel when you got your first car? Excited, of course! But, were you as excited when you learned about all the things you should do to it? Probably not. 

Sometimes people own many cars thinking that it’s an investment, but maintaining all of those cars can feel like a burden. Cars work like human bodies – they have an engine like a heart that needs fluids to work, as well as many other things.

We’re always told to keep our bodies healthy by exercising and eating appropriately, but what about keeping a car healthy? They need constant maintenance and care from their owner.

Now, let’s look at some things that all cars need.


Having life insurance is a must, as well as having car insurance. 

Most deadly accidents happen on the road, that’s why we need coverage – in the case that something unexpected happens. 

Many of those accidents occurred due to a car malfunction that caused the owner to lose control or make the wrong turn, causing a major car crash. As BrokerLink Toronto states, car insurance is what protects you on every mile of the road. 

We could take all the precaution measures that exist, but even then, accidents do happen. Driving safely could save our lives, and having car insurance will make sure that we don’t lose everything during a car crash.


Cars need a whole lot of maintenance! 

Changing the Oil

Engines consist of many moving parts that need the proper lubrication in order to function accordingly. If we don’t change the oil regularly, it could get dirty and contaminated, and it could cause damage to the engine. 

Also, having dirty oil could increase the fuel consumption, making us pay a lot more for fuel in the long run.

Changing the Tires

We live in a country where the climate is always changing. Therefore, we should have different types of tires for each season. 

We can’t use the same tires in the summer and winter. When it snows, the streets get slippery due to ice that films over them. Then, if we don’t have winter tires that help with traction, we could get in serious trouble and cause an accident. 

Check the Shock Absorbers

Sometimes we encounter bumpy roads that damage our vehicle, especially the shock absorbers. We need to check them constantly because, due to bumps. they can get a fissure or just break off. 

If a shock absorber breaks, it could puncture the tire and cause it to go flat.

Regular Polishing

Having a well-polished car is lovely! 

They look amazing when they’re freshly out of the cleaning station, but they look even cuter when they get polished

Over time, the painting gets dull, and it might be filled with scratches and bumps. Sending our car to a place where it can get fixed will make it look like brand new again. 

Final Thoughts

Having a car is expensive. It’s not about how much we pay for it; it’s how much effort we put into it. 

Sometimes we think that our car could last forever without fixing anything, but things don’t need to get broken in order to maintain them. If we get the car regularly checked, it could avoid some issues later on that could leave us with a car that’s broken down on a highway.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.