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Who is Cisco?

There is no doubt that Cisco ‘enhances’. Their technology solutions improve communities that come into contact with them. A recent enhancement story was how they helped Parkview Medical Centre with the problem of fragmented online communication which led to patient service delays. After Cisco, the leader in wireless networks, got involved with their Wi-Fi optimization tactics, the medical’s collaborative care team was able to communicate faster and manage their clinical data better. How? Cisco set up priority access to bandwidth for crucial medical apps. The result was one that decreased unnecessary downtime at Parkview and resulted in better patient care. It would be an honor to have an IT related badge from this change-maker, wouldn’t it? 

Am I Qualified?

So, are you a network analyst or a senior network administrator? Or how about a network technician or engineer? If so, then that honor is only finger tips away. Among the certifications offered by Cisco, this PrepAway – Website is one of the most demanded. To gain it, you are offered to pass three professional-level exams: 300-101 Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE), 300-115 SWITCH and 300-135 TSHOOT.

Since, the first step to earn the certification is 300-101, before sitting for it, you are recommended to have acute skills related to establishing WAN connections (IPv4 and IPv6), networking basics, being able to handle a LAN with numerous switches, troubleshooting IP issues, if you are even thinking of appearing for this test.

Teach Me Something New

Routing protocols like Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) Protocol both have important parts to play in a network, and the course materials for exam 300-101 provide you with deeper exploration of these areas, which in turn allows you to set up routing domains using these protocols. Emphasis is given to both IPv4 & IPv6 routing and one also learns how to clarify concepts like networking technologies and remote connections.

The scope to peep into the workings of BGP (the standard-bearer when talking about Internet Routing in our time) and how to use it, is also included in 300-101 test preparation. You will be taught how to use NAT and PAT to go from private to public spaces. And to top it all off in the name of security, youwill also learn how multiple routers can communicate in a secured way so that attackers don’t exploit the weak points of your protocol.

Don’t worry about the amount of information you’ll need to cover — there is a number of official prep materials and other resources. Below, we’ll recommend you the most popular options that can help you improve both theoretical and practical knowledge.

Book Shower

To explore all the domains of the ROUTE test thoroughly, you can turn to books written by top IT professionals. Amazon offers a wide range of relevant selections:

  • ‘CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101 Official Cert Guide’ by Kevin Wallace is a best-seller and has been approved by Cisco. It is meant for self-study and Kevin being an expert instructor gives exam tips and also helps you identify your own gaps and fill them in.
  • ‘Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE) Foundation Learning Guide: (CCNP ROUTE 300-101)’ by Diane Teare is another great book authorized by Cisco which has much more updated content relating to the ROUTE exam. The book covers and helps you master all the topics including an in-depth exploration of the all-important areas like EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP.
  • Passively reading is one thing, but actually remembering it by doing it is another. This is where our next book comes in: ‘101 Labs – Cisco CCNP: Hands-on Practical Labs for the SWITCH, ROUTE and TSHOOT Exams’ by Paul Browning. With the labs in this best seller, you ‘do’ instead of ‘read’ and gear up for the practical elements of the ROUTE exam. Paul also gives advice on how to avoid career-ending engineering mistakes.
  • Going over notes is useful before exam day, right? But, we all wish they magically ended up on our study table instead of having to take the time to make them. With the print version of ‘CramSLIDE Point Form Study Notes covering CCNP ROUTE EXAM’ by Michael Yu that just became a reality. 

All these are a great way to learn for your ROUTE assessment. But, while books mostly give you theoretical knowledge, you also need a lot of practical experience to pass 300-101 exam. Further, you’ll know to evaluate what you’ve learnt to assess where you currently stand.

The Resource of the Highest Level

One of the challenging steps during exam preparation is to find reliable resources. To help you with this step, we recommend you the website where you can get your hands on lots of free practice tests on the Cisco’s 300-101 assessment in vce format. Using them with the VCE Exam Simulator, you can take timed assessments that feel like the real exam, explore the test environment, and check your knowledge of given questions due to ready-made answers. With these, you are more likely to pass on your very first attempt at ROUTE because you are likely to find common questions when you take the real exam. 

Choosing between free and paid materials from Prepaway, notice, that premium files were corrected by IT professionals. Also, you can boost your prep by receiving a whole premium bundle for 300-101 test for $39,97 and get not only the expert-checked dump but also a training course and a study guide, so check it out.

Are You in?

Everything you need to obtain this long-standing Cisco certification is in front of you. But, act now or this badge might slip away from your clutches forever. The Cisco CCNP R&S badge and its related exams are to be replaced by the CCNP Enterprise credential very soon, so this might be your last chance to do it. Pass 300-101 exam with mock tests and other resources and be on your way to that glorious CCNP R&S certification.

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