Getting Started – Tips for Student Wedding Planners

Wedding planners are the stars of the show when marriage events go smoothly, and expectations are exceeded. They help people create memorable events, making them very important in the lives of their clients. The beautiful events that seem stress-free and seamless are, however, the outcome of serious planning and painstaking management. The career of a wedding organizer is also a well-paying job that you can do on the side as you continue with your studies. The question that persists, however, is — how does one get into wedding planning as a career? Here are some tips on how to become a successful event planner without compromising your studies. 

What Work Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Before we get into the details of how students can become wedding planners, we first need to examine the job description to expect. A wedding planner or consultant is a person who coordinates the logistical aspects of wedding and marriage ceremonies and receptions. In the role, you will be expected to meet with the couple getting married to know what they prefer as well as their expectations for the important day. 

After that, you can start planning the details, including the time, budget, and location. Also, in this role, you will be expected to book the venue and collaborate with the service providers. Your main objective as a planner is to ascertain that everything meets the expectations of the client. 

Ideas for Becoming Good Planners 

It is no secret that weddings can be nerve-wracking for those involved. They are anxious about the new phase of their lives while stressing and agonizing about the party they are about to throw to mark an important occasion. As a planner, it is your responsibility to ascertain that things flow smoothly and that the stress on the couple is minimized. Your work is to bring order and meet expectations. Here are some tips for students who want to get into wedding planning:

  • Understand the Necessary Skills  

To thrive in this field, you ought to have the ability to stay calm under adversity, such as a last-minute cancellation from the DJ. Some of the necessary skills include speedy decision-making, problem-solving, and exceptional interpersonal skills. 

  • Get Formal Training 

You may already have your plate full since you are a student, but there is no harm in getting the formal training needed to get into wedding planning. Create time to learn the intricate elements of planning a successful wedding. This way, you can learn the budgeting and the marketing aspects of the job. You will also need to learn about the dissimilar forms of wedding apparel and ceremonies, as well as the required etiquette. 

Please note that you don’t have to go through a specific course to get into a successful wedding planning career. Many successful planners started their careers by assisting their friends to organize their events.

  • Obtain Some Hands-On Experience 

Even with formal training, you still need to be familiar with the field of wedding planning before you dive deep into the profession. Consider an internship or a part-time job at an event planning agency. You can also volunteer to help people you know about planning their weddings. 

  • Plan Properly and Prioritize Studies 

Juggling a part-time job with the rigors of college life can be frustrating. You will need particular scheduling skills to ascertain that you still get to complete your assignments while meeting your work obligations. If you feel overwhelmed, consider getting assistance from a reliable statistics homework help service online. Also, remember to delegate duties and not take up more responsibilities than you can handle. 

  • Pick a Niche and Get a Mentor 

An important element in succeeding as a wedding planner is choosing your niche. By picking your area of interest, you can improve your expertise and quality. Of course, with time, you will learn to navigate your way through the industry and get more clients. However, as you get started, you may need to work with a mentor. This is someone who has extensive experience in the business who will help you understand the day-to-day operations of the job and overcome the inherent challenges. 

Many wedding planners are self-employed, but that is not the only available option. After all, running a business can be really hectic when you are still a student. Keep in mind that business ownership may require working long hours and numerous responsibilities. There is also the option of getting part-time employment as a wedding planner. Whatever you do, persistence is key.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.