BMW Shows Off New 2021 4 Series Coupe

Today, BMW is proud to present the all-new, second generation 4 Series Coupe, which first launched in 2014. The vehicle’s design and engineering teams wanted to deliver the ultimate driving experience in a beautiful and low-slung package that ensures the 2021 4 Series Coupe stays at the top of its segment.

MSRP pricing is $45,600 for the 430i Coupe, $47,600 for the 430i xDrive Coupe and $58,500 for the M440i xDrive Coupe. Pricing does not include $995 Destination.

Exterior Design and Improved Aerodynamics

Compared to the 3 Series Sedan, the new 4 Series Coupe (using 330i and 430i for comparison) is 2.2 inches longer, 1.0 inch wider, 2.2 inches lower and with a 1.0 inch wider rear track while sharing the same wheelbase.

Compared to the previous generation 4 Series Coupe, the new 4 Series is 5.2 inches longer, 1.0 inch wider, 0.4 inches taller and features a 1.6 inch longer wheelbase and 1.4 inch wider front and 1.2 inch wider rear tracks.

The aerodynamic efficiency of the new 4 Series Coupe sees a noticeable improvement from a previous Cx of 0.29 to a Cx of 0.25 for the new 430i Coupe.

The striking front end of the 4 Series features a new BMW kidney grille design which provides adequate cooling for the more powerful engines. The grille is angled forward and extends to the bottom of the front bumper cover. The kidney grille is framed by surfaces with a three-dimensional mesh structure. The arrow-shaped lines of the hood come together at the grille while the Air Curtain intakes at the edges of the front bumper highlight the 4 Series’ width.

Standard LED headlights with Cornering lights are slimmer in design and taper towards the kidney grille. Two U-shaped daytime running light elements in each headlight are the most pronounced feature. The turn signals consist of three glass blade units in the corners of each front light assembly.

The profile of the new 4 Series Coupe shows the new model’s very clean, minimalist lines. The long hood, the tapering greenhouse ending in the familiar Hofmeister-kink and the muscular fenders are reminiscent of sports coupes from decades past. The frameless windows give a lighter look and feel to the doors.

The width of the new 4 Series Coupe is reinforced in the rear by slim, darkened L-shaped LED tail lights which extend into the quarter panels. Vertical apertures at the corners of the rear bumper mimic the front Air Breather openings. Trapezoidal exhaust finishers are integrated into the lower rear bumper cover.

The M Sport Package includes a uniquely styled front bumper with larger air intake openings and a restyled rear bumper with Shadowline inlays. The rear diffuser panel, front air intake trim, side window moldings and lower exterior mirror housings are all finished in high-gloss black. Selecting the optional Shadowline Package provides a high-gloss black finish to the kidney grille, exhaust tip trim and a black finish to the mirror caps.

The M440i xDrive Coupe’s exterior styling is set apart by a rear trunk spoiler and by a Cerium Grey finish to the kidney grille, front air intake trim, exterior mirror caps and rear trapezoidal exhaust tip trim.
Acoustic glass is now used for the windshield to reduce noise coming into the cabin.

Interior Design 

A premium driver-focused cockpit is the focus of the new 4 Series Coupe’s interior design. Newly designed front power Sport seats and leather Sport steering wheel are standard. The upswept center console creates individual space for the front seat passengers. The M Sport Package and M440i xDrive Coupe models offer additional soft knee padding on the sides of the center console as well as an M Sport steering wheel and door sill plates with the M logo.

The center display screen flows into the instrument cluster area to form a congruous unit. The light functions are operated from a panel of buttons to the left of the steering wheel. The start/stop button is now located in the center console along with the newly designed gear selector lever, the iDrive Controller and the buttons for the Driving Experience Control switch.

Rear seating with integral head restraints is designed for two passengers and features a split fold down function.

The interior of the new 4 Series Coupe features fully LED lighting for front and rear interior and reading lights, glovebox, center armrest storage compartment, sun visor mirrors, trunk area and door courtesy lights. The optional interior ambient lighting provides adjustable lighting for the contour lines across the instrument and door panels. The lighting’s distribution, brightness and color scheme can be configured via the iDrive menu to suit the driver’s taste and mood.

Power and Performance

All models of the new 4 Series enjoy a boost in horsepower and torque over the models they replace. Powering the new 430i and 430i xDrive coupe is an updated B46 2.0-liter 4-cylinder BMW TwinPower turbocharged engine delivering 255 hp @ 5,000 – 6,500 rpm (an increase of 7 hp) and 294 ft-lbs. of torque @ 1,550 – 4,400 rpm (an increase of 36 ft-lbs.). The 430i Coupe accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds (5.3 Seconds for 430i xDrive Coupe) and reaches an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph or 130 mph depending on the selected wheel and tire combination.

The new M440i xDrive Coupe is powered by the B58 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder BMW TwinPower turbocharged engine producing 382 hp @ 5,800 – 6,500 rpm (an increase of 62 hp) and 369 ft-lbs. of torque @ 1,800 – 5,000 rpm (an increase of 39 ft.-lbs.). The M440i xDrive Coupe accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and can reach an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph or 130 mph depending on the selected wheel and tire combination.

Both 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines use a single, twin-scroll turbocharger, high precision fuel injection (operating at over 5,000 psi), VALVETRONIC fully variable valve timing and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing.

The 3.0-liter 6-cylinder motor in the M440i xDrive Coupe also benefits from weight-optimized pistons and connecting rods and from an exhaust manifold integrated into the cylinder head allowing for better thermal efficiency from the integrated water cooling passages.

Drive Systems and Transmission

The new BMW 430i Coupe is available in a choice of either traditional rear-wheel drive or with BMW’s latest intelligent xDrive all-wheel drive system offering additional traction during both performance driving and in varied weather conditions.

The BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system helps to sharpen the car’s handling properties. Power is sent to the wheels via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case. The latest xDrive system found in the new 4 Series Coupe offers rapid, precise and fully variable distribution of drive torque between the front and rear wheels. In driving situations where all-wheel drive is not needed, all the power is directed to the rear wheels.

All 4 Series models deliver their drive torque to the road through a standard 8-speed sport automatic transmission with launch control. The M440i xDrive Coupe includes a standard rear M Sport differential which helps improve traction by equalizing drive torque between the left and right rear wheels under acceleration. It also works in conjunction with the DSC Stability control system to reduce unwanted understeer.

The latest version of BMW’s quick-shifting Sport automatic transmission features a new, optimized hydraulic control system for improved response and efficiency. A new generation of torsion dampers reduce irregularities within the powertrain, enhancing both driving comfort and shifting. Integral twin-damper systems for isolating vibrations reduce the degree of slip at the torque converter lock-up clutch.

Intelligent connectivity enables the 8-speed automatic transmission to adapt its shift strategy according to the route and driving situation. Working with the standard navigation system, the 8-speed Steptronic transmission uses data from this system and from the optional Active Cruise Control system’s radar sensor. This makes it possible for the transmission to avoid unnecessary gear changes by shifting down early in order to use engine braking to scrub off speed and be in the correct gear to accelerate out of a turn.

New 48-Volt Mild Hybrid System

A new 48-volt mild-hybrid system is standard on the 6-cylinder M440i xDrive Coupe. The 48-volt starter/generator unit is complemented by a separate 48-volt battery which allows for energy recuperation, storage and use during driving. Energy can be recuperated from deceleration, braking and from excess electricity generated while driving in Sport mode.

The excess energy is converted to electricity by the 48-volt starter/generator and stored in the 48-volt battery. This energy can be used by the starter/generator unit to boost performance during hard acceleration or by providing power for electronic systems, thus reducing the load on the engine and improving overall efficiency.

The 48-volt starter generator also improves efficiency by allowing the stopped engine to be restarted quickly with little vibration. The Auto Start/Stop function can now turn off the engine while the driver is braking for a stop as soon as the speed drops below 9 mph.

Chassis and Suspension  

The body of the new 2021 4 Series Coupe is made from hot-stamped steels, multi-phase steels and aluminum alloys to help reduce weight while providing for the most rigid platform possible to allow the suspension to work at its fullest potential. Additional bracing has been added, connecting the front shock towers to the bulkhead and to the front end as well as the rear axle area to help the new 4 Series deliver better agility and precision.

The front end of the car uses extruded aluminum side member panels and die-cast aluminum shock absorber housings. The hood, front fenders and doors are now made from aluminum.

The very rigid passenger cell and specially designed supporting structures impart an excellent structure for the active and passive safety systems to work together to help protect passengers.

The more rigid body, wider rear track and a center of gravity that is 0.9 inches lower than that of the 3 Series Sedan all play an important role in allowing the front double-joint spring and shock front suspension and rear five-link rear suspension to deliver significantly sharper handling than the outgoing 4 Series.

The lift-related shock absorbers are able to deliver both sport-focused handling and driving comfort. The shocks reduce body movement and even out road vibrations by continuously adjusting the progressive damping force based on the changing spring travel.  Excessive compression and rebound forces are better controlled to prevent the new 4 Series from becoming unsettled not only when driving over rough surfaces but also during performance driving.

The lift-related shock system adds extra hydraulic damping to the front shocks and extra compression limiting to the rear shocks.  At the front, vibrations are reduced by an additional element that drops down into the inner sleeve of the shock absorber. Only when greater loads are encountered does the entire shock become active. The varying wall thicknesses of the front shocks, tubular anti-roll bars and lightweight control arms act together to reduce unsprung weight, improving the suspension’s responses.

Increased shock damping forces, firmer springs and anti-roll bars give the new BMW 4 Series Coupe its more sporting character. Compared to the 3 Series Sedan, the standard suspension-equipped new 4 Series Coupe’s ride height is 0.4 inches (0.3 inches lower for xDrive models).
The optional M Sport suspension (standard on the new BMW M440i xDrive Coupe) features firmer spring settings, stiffer bushings and mounts, firmer anti-roll bars and a greater negative wheel camber.

Optional Adaptive M Suspension

The optional Adaptive M Suspension combines all of the best traits of the M Sport suspension with electronic shocks to offer a wide range of adjustment from sport to comfort. Continuously adjustable valves allow the damping force to be adjusted for each wheel individually. Switching between the various Driving Experience Control modes delivers clearly different variations in the damping characteristics – from the well-balanced long-distance comfort of COMFORT mode through to the highly dynamic set-up activated in SPORT.

The ADAPTIVE setting allows for automatic adjustment of the steering, damping, accelerator pedal responses and the Sport Steptronic transmission’s shift characteristics to suit the driving style. The control system responds to accelerator and steering inputs to switch the powertrain and suspension to a sportier or more comfortable response. Map data supplied by the standard navigation system can also be used to anticipate upcoming turns.


Electric power steering with Servotronic speed-sensitive power assistance is standard on the new 4 Series Coupe.

Variable Sport steering, part of the optional M Sport Package and standard on the M440i xDrive, adjusts to changes in the steering angle to maximizing cornering agility and low speed comfort. The steering’s direct, precise responses enhance turn-in performance while, the wheel angles required for parking maneuvers are achieved with only a few turns of the steering wheel.

Wheels, Tires and Brakes

All 4 Series Coupes are equipped with standard 18 x 7.5 inch alloy wheels with all-season run-flat tires.  Optional on all models are 19 x 8.0 inch alloy wheels with 225/40R19 all-season run-flat tires or 19 x 8.0 inch front alloy wheels with 225/40R19 and 19 x 8.5 inch alloy wheels with 255/35R19 performance run-flat tires. The M440i xDrive Coupe also offers the additional option of 19 x 8.0 inch front alloy wheels with 225/40R19 and 19 x 8.5 inch alloy wheels with 255/35R19 performance non-run-flat tires.

Standard brakes on the 430i and 430i xDrive Coupes are vented disks with single-piston floating calipers, front and rear. The M440i xDrive Coupe is equipped with vented disks with M Sport Brakes with Blue calipers featuring vented disks with four-piston front fixed and single-piston floating rear calipers. M Sport Brakes with Red calipers are optional on the M440i xDrive Coupe. The 430i and 430i xDrive Coupes offer a choice of optional M Sport Brakes with either blue or red calipers. M Sport Brakes deliver outstanding thermal resistance with short pedal travel for sportier driving.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

The 2021 BMW 4 Series comes equipped with standard assist features designed to deliver peace of mind and improved driving comfort. Included systems are: lane departure warning with steering correction; frontal collision; pedestrian warning with braking function; blind spot detection; rear cross traffic alert; rear collision preparation, automatic high beams; and speed limit information.

Optional on the new 4 Series is the Driving Assistance Professional Package which adds Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go, Extended Traffic Jam Assist for limited access highways – a Level 2 autonomous assist system which helps to reduce fatigue in stop-and-go freeway traffic by allowing for extended hands free vehicle operation, lane keeping assistant with side collision avoidance, evasion aid, front cross-traffic alert and emergency stop assistant – which can help guide your BMW to the shoulder and bring it to a halt in a medical emergency situation.

The optional Parking Assistance Package includes a panorama view and 3D surround camera views to assist with parking. The system helps identify suitable parallel and perpendicular parking spots and can guide your 4 Series into and out of your selected spot. The included back-up assistant records the last 50 yards driven at speeds below 20 mph and can automatically reverse your 4 Series along the exact path take to help navigate narrow or winding driveways, for example. The remote 3D view function gives drivers the ability to call up a three-dimensional live image of their parked vehicle and its immediate vicinity on their smartphone.

The drive recorder, a new optional feature on a BMW 4 Series equipped with the Parking Assistance Package, uses the cameras of the various driver assistance systems to record video footage from the front and/or rear view points of the vehicle before storing the recordings. The saved video files can be either watched later on the center control display when the car is stationary or exported via the USB port. When activated, the drive recorder shoots and stores up to 40 seconds of video. In the event of a collision, a period of up to 20 seconds around the moment of impact is automatically recorded and saved.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

The new 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe also offers the latest version of BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant to help interact with your car in a more natural way. Activated by a spoken prompt, such as “Hey BMW” or at the touch of a button, this digital companion learns the way you communicate to provide better and more accurate responses. The Intelligent Personal Assistant can now recognize who is speaking — the driver or passenger — and can react accordingly by changing the temperature settings on only one side of the cabin for example.

Naturally spoken instructions can now also be used to open and close the car’s windows (partially or fully) or adjust the air conditioning. In addition, the driver can set rules by which the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant learns routines that increase convenience in specific situations. For instance, the driver’s window could be opened automatically when the vehicle reaches a chosen location entered using GPS coordinates, such as the entrance to a garage.

Standard iDrive 7 with Navigation and new BMW Maps

Standard on the new BMW 4 Series Coupe is iDrive 7 with intuitive operation, individually configurable content and seamless interaction between driver and vehicle. Up to 10 pages can be personalized with two to four tiles of content each. Ways to interact with your new 4 Series Coupe include the touchscreen center control display, the iDrive controller, the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel and via the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant.

Standard displays are an 8.8 inch center touchscreen control display and a 5.1 inch color display between the instrument gauges. Selecting the optional Live Cockpit Professional upgrades the displays to a 10.25 inch center touchscreen control display and a fully digital 12.3 inch instrument display.

The standard navigation has also been improved with a new digital cloud-based feature called BMW Maps. The benefits are faster route calculations and dynamic recalculation based on precise real-time traffic data. The route is worked out using an anticipatory approach, meaning upcoming traffic along the entire route is factored into the calculation of the expected arrival time. Complete traffic data is now available for more minor roads, too. Hazard warnings transmitted online from the BMW fleet now reach the car even faster thanks to connected navigation. These improvements help to produce a very accurate estimate of arrival time and improved route guidance.  The destination input function has also been improved and now lets the driver enter any word. Alternatively, the destination can be entered at any time simply by voice control. Plus, points of interest (POIs) along the route are described in greater detail, with reviews, opening times and photos.

When selecting the optional Live Cockpit Professional, the navigation system is enhanced with 3D visualizations of the surrounding area, depicting all of the cars, trucks and motorcycles registered by the cameras and sensors in the driver’s current lane as well as those in any adjacent lanes. They are shown in the central section of the instrument display. Vehicles within a critical distance are highlighted. Graphics indicate maneuvers which can be carried out with the help of the assistance systems. This ensures the driver has an overview of the situation and relevant courses of action at all times. If route guidance is activated, the screen also shows a panel with navigation instructions above the 3D view.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility

The new 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe offers standard wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility. This benefits already enjoyed by Apple iPhone owners are now available to Android users making it easier to access a large number of digital services from the car in the same way as on their smartphone. These include Google Assistant, Google Maps, music streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music, and the WhatsApp messaging service.

Exterior colors

The 430i and 430i xDrive Coupes offer a choice of two standard non-metallic paints and seven optional metallic finishes, three of which are new colors. The M440i xDrive Coupe offers a choice of one standard non-metallic color, five optional metallic finishes and two optional Individual metallic paints.

  • Alpine White (standard)
  • Jet Black (standard, 430i and 430i xDrive only)
  • Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Mineral White Metallic
  • Sunset Orange Metallic (430i and 430i xDrive only)
  • Bluestone Metallic (430i and 430i xDrive only)
  • Portimao Blue Metallic (new)
  • San Remo Green Metallic (new, from 11/20 production)
  • Arctic Race Blue Metallic (new)
  • Individual Dravit Grey Metallic (M440i xDrive only)
  • Individual Tanzanite II Blue Metallic (M440i xDrive only)

Interior Upholstery and Trim

Standard on all models is SensaTec in a choice of Canberra Beige or Black. Optional Vernasca Leather is available for all new 4 Series BMW models and comes in a choice of colors including:

  • Canberra Beige / Black
  • Tacora Red
  • Mocha
  • Cognac
  • Oyster
  • Black
  • Black with Blue contrast stitching

Open Pore Fine Wood Oak Grain trim is standard on the 430i and 430i xDrive Coupes. Aluminum Tetragon trim is standard on the M440i xDrive Coupe. Optional on all models is Fine Wood trim with Ash Grey-Brown high gloss, Aluminum trim with mesh effect, Open Pore Fine Wood Maple trim or Fine Wood trim with Ash Grey-Brown high gloss.

A SensaTec dashboard is standard on the M440i xDrive Coupe and optional on the 430i and 430i xDrive Coupes.

Standard Equipment

The new 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe includes a very comprehensive list of standard equipment.

430i and 430i xDrive Coupes

  • 18-inch V-spoke bicolor orbit grey alloy wheels with all-season run-flat tires
  • 8-speed Sport Steptronic transmission
  • Sport Leather Steering wheel
  • Alarm system
  • Universal garage-door opener
  • Rear-view camera
  • Moonroof
  • Auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors
  • Power front Sport seats with lumbar support
  • Open Pore Fine Wood Oak Grain trim
  • Anthracite headliner
  • Park Distance Control
  • Rain sensor and auto headlights
  • Automatic climate control
  • Dynamic Cruise Control
  • LED Headlights with Cornering Lights
  • Automatic High Beams
  • SiriusXM with 1 year All Access Subscription
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Compatibility
  • Navigation
  • Active Protection
    • Automatic front seat belt tensioning
    • Automatic closing of windows and moonroof
    • Fatigue and Focus Alert
    • Post-crash braking
  • Active Driving Assistant
    • Lane Departure Warning
    • Speed limit Information
    • Active Blind Spot Detection
    • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
    • Rear Collision Preparation
  • Active Guard
    • Pedestrian Warning with braking
    • Frontal Collision Warning
    • City Collision Mitigation with braking
  • The M440i xDrive Coupe adds:
  • 18-inch M Double-spoke alloy wheels with all-season run-flat tires
  • M Sport Brakes with Blue calipers
  • M Sport Differential
  • Variable sport steering
  • Comfort Access keyless entry
  • SensaTec dashboard
  • Aluminum Tetragon trim
  • M sport suspension
  • M steering wheel
  • Aerodynamic kit
  • Rear spoiler
  • Shadowline exterior trim

Packages and Optional Equipment

Convenience Package (430i and 430i xDrive)

  • Comfort Access keyless entry
  • Lumbar support
  • Ambient interior lighting.

M Sport Package (430i and 430i xDrive)

  • 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 797M bicolor wheels with performance run-flat tires
    • or 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 797M bicolor wheels with all-season rf tires
    • or 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 791M jet black wheels w/ performance rf tires
    • or 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 791M jet black wheels w/ all-season rf tires
    • or 19-inch Double-spoke Style 793i orbit grey wheels w/ all-season rf tires
  • Aerodynamic kit
  • Variable sport steering
  • M Sport suspension
    • or Adaptive M Suspension
    • or Dynamic Handling Package
  • SensaTec dashboard
  • M Steering wheel
  • Aluminum Tetragon interior trim
    • or Open Pore Fine Wood Oak Grain trim
    • or Open Pore Fine Wood Maple trim
    • or Fine Wood trim with Ash Grey-Brown high gloss
    • or Aluminum trim with mesh effect

Dynamic Handling Package (430i and 430i xDrive)

  • 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 791M wheels with performance non-run-flat tires
    • or 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 797M wheels with performance run-flat tires
  • M Sport Brakes with either Blue or Red calipers.
  • M Sport Differential
  • Adaptive M Suspension

Cooling and High Performance Tire Package (M440i xDrive)

  • 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 791M jet black wheels w/perf. non-run-flat tires
    • or 19-inch M Double-spoke, Style 792M cerium grey wheels w/perf. non-rf tires
    • or 19″ M Double-spoke Style 797M bicolor wheels w/perf. run-flat tires
  • Adaptive M Suspension
  • M Technology Package (Includes additional drivetrain cooling)

Driving Assistance Professional Package (all models)

  • Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go.
  • Extended Traffic Jam Assistant for limited access highways (Level 2)
  • Active Lane Keeping Assistant with side collision avoidance
  • Evasion Aid
  • Front Cross-traffic alert

Shadowline Package (all models)

  • Extended Shadowline exterior trim to kidney grille surround and exhaust tips
  • Black mirror caps

Parking Assistance Package (all models)

  • Parking Assistant Plus
  • Active Park Distance Control
  • Surround View with Remote 3D View

Premium Package (all models)

  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Comfort Access keyless entry (standard on M440i xDrive)
  • Lumbar support (standard on M440i xDrive)
  • Heated front seats
  • Ambient lighting
  • Head-Up Display
  • Live Cockpit Professional

Executive Package (all models)

  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Comfort Access keyless entry (standard on M440i xDrive)
  • Lumbar support (standard on M440i xDrive)
  • Heated front seats
  • Ambient lighting
  • Head-Up Display
  • Live Cockpit Professional
  • Icon Adaptive LED Headlights with Laserlight
  • Gesture Control

Individual Options

  • Remote Engine Start
  • 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 791M jet black wheels with performance run-flat tires
  • 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 791M jet black wheels with all-season run-flat tires
  • 19-inch Double-spoke Style 793i bicolor orbit grey wheels with all-season run-flat tires
  • 19-inch M Double-spoke Style 792M cerium grey wheels w/perf. rft tires (M440i xDrive)
  • 19″ M Double-spoke Style 792M cerium grey wheels w/all-season rft tires (M440i xDrive)
  • 19″ M Double-spoke Style 797M bicolor wheels w/ performance rft tires
  • 18″ M Double-spoke Style 848M bicolor wheels w/performance rft tires (M440i xDrive)
  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • M Sport Brakes with Blue calipers (430i and 430i xDrive)
  • M Sport Brakes with Red calipers
  • Adaptive M Suspension
  • Power tailgate
  • Satin aluminium line exterior trim (430i and 430i xDrive)
  • Heated front seats
  • SensaTec dashboard (430i and 430i xDrive)
  • Front ventilated seats
  • Ambient lighting
  • Head-Up Display
  • Harman Kardon surround sound system
  • Drive Recorder
  • Wireless charging for compatible mobile devices
  • Live Cockpit Professional
  • Open Pore Fine Wood Oak Grain trim
  • Fine Wood trim with Ash Grey-Brown high gloss
  • Aluminum trim with mesh effect


430i, 430i xDrive and M440i xDrive Coupes

430i 430i xDrive M440i xDrive
Seats 4 4 4
Number of Doors 2 2 2
Drive type RWD AWD AWD
Length inches 187.9 187.9 188
Width inches 72.9 72.9 72.9
Width including mirrors inches 81.9 81.9 81.9
Height inches 54.6 54.8 54.8
Wheelbase inches 112.2 112.2 112.2
Ground clearance inches 5 5.1 5.1
Turning radius feet 18.7 19.7 19.7
Shoulder width front inches 55.1 55.1 55.1
Shoulder room 2nd row inches 51 51 51
Legroom front inches 41.8 41.8 41.8
Legroom 2nd row inches 34.5 34.5 34.5
Headroom front inches 38 38 38
Headroom 2nd row inches 35.2 35.2 35.2
Trunk volume ft³ 12 12 12
Fuel Tank capacity gallons 15.6 15.6 15.6
Curb weight lbs. 3,578 3,708 3,977
Gross vehicle weight lbs. 4,475 4,619 4,949
Payload lbs. 714 728 886
Weight distribution front / rear percent 51.8 / 48.3 52.9 / 47.1 53.8 / 46.2
Engine type B46B20O1 B46B20O1 B58B30O1
Induction Turbocharged Turbocharged Turbocharged
Cylinders 4 4 6
Valves per cylinder 4 4 4
Bore x Stroke mm 82.0 x 94.6 82.0 x 94.6 82.0 x 94.6
Displacement cm³ 1,998 1,998 2,998
Compression rate :1 10.2 10.2 10.2
Engine power hp 255 @ 255 @ 382 @
5,000 – 6,500 5,000 – 6,500 5,800 – 6,500
Engine torque ft.-lbs. 294 @ 294 @ 364 @
1,550 – 4,400 1,550 – 4,400 1,800 – 5,000
Fuel type Gasoline Gasoline Gasoline
Recommended Fuel Premium Premium Premium
Engine oil capacity quarts 5.5 5.5 6.9
Output per liter hp/liter 127.6 127.6 127.4
Transmission type Sport Steptronic Sport Steptronic Sport Steptronic
Gear ratios 1st gear 5.25 5.25 5.25
2nd 3.36 3.36 3.36
3rd 2.17 2.17 2.17
4th 1.72 1.72 1.72
5th 1.14 1.14 1.14
6th 1 1 1
7th 0.82 0.82 0.82
8th 0.64 0.64 0.64
Reverse gear 3.71 3.71 3.71
Final drive ratio 2.81 2.81 2.81
Power-steering type EPS EPS EPS
Steering ratio :1 14.1 14.9 13.6
18” Tires, standard front / rear 225/45R18 225/45R18 225/45R18
18” Wheels, standard front / rear inches 18 x 7.5 18 x 7.5 18 x 7.5
19” Tires, optional front / rear 225/40R19 225/40R19 225/40R19
19” Wheels, optional front / rear inches 19 x 9.0 19 x 8.0 19 x 8.0
19” Tires, optional rear 255/35R19 255/35R19 255/35R19
19” wheels, optional rear inches 19 x 8.5 19 x 8.5 19 x 8.5
Track, front inches 62.3 62.3 62.3
Rear, track inches 63.9 63.9 63.9
Cx 0.25 0.26 0.3
0-60 mph seconds 5.5 5.3 4.3
Top speed (with perf. tires) mph 130 (155) 130 (155) 130 (155)
EPA Fuel Economy, city / hwy mpg tbd tbd tbd


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