Seven Dangerous Driving Habits To Stop Right Now

Driving is something that can provide you with the freedom to go anywhere you want, and in a lot of ways, it can make life easier. Whether you need a cheap run around or you want to invest in a family car, having a car can be beneficial for your lifestyle. With that in mind, though, it’s important to still highlight the dangers that can come from driving. Not everyone is a safe driver, and we can always improve our own driving habits to make the roads a safer place. So here are seven dangerous driving habits to stop right now.

Driving With One Hand On The Wheel

This is something that can be very common of drivers who have been driving for a while and have gotten used driving. They feel more confident when in their car and on the road and therefore, may take one hand off the wheel when driving, regardless of whether it’s a straight road or not. To temporarily take your hand off the wheel can be important when shifting gears or activating a car feature like your windscreen wipers, for example. However, that’s something that’s done very quickly, and you shouldn’t be taking your hand off the wheel for more than a second. When you have both hands on the wheel, you have more control of the car. With one hand off the wheel, you are giving away some of that control, and it’s something that you can immediately come to regret if you’re not careful. It can be easy to forget when you have a hand off the wheel, so try to find a way of reminding yourself. Acknowledge it when it happens, and the more you stay on top of it, the less you’re likely to do it.

Drinking and Driving

It’s very much an obvious habit that you shouldn’t have to be told not to do. You should never drink drive in any situation because it can end up putting yourself in danger, not to mention others that are also on the road. Drinking driving has unfortunately been the cause for many deaths over the years, and it’s important you make plans when you’re drinking. If you have drunk over the limit or even feel like your reaction times have been hindered, it’s essential that you make alternative arrangements to driving. Whether it’s going back with a friend who hasn’t been drinking or ordering yourself a taxi. Do the right thing, and don’t get into your car if you’ve been driving. It’s really not going to end well for you or anyone else involved.

Going Over The Speed Limit

A speed limit is set for the reason to keep everyone safe and to ensure that everyone can get from A to B in a reasonable time. When it comes to sticking to the speed limit, though, it’s not always easy. You can forget how fast you’re sometimes going, especially when you are familiar to the road and perhaps not so aware of how fast your car feels when you are going at certain speeds. Sometimes a little over the speed limit is accepted in some places, but it’s always good to try and keep yourself a few below the speed limit, just to be safe.

There are also things you can do to help you be more aware of how fast you are going. You can also get apps that can link up to your car and therefore warn you whenever you are going too fast. You can also prep yourself before driving to know where the speed limits might be in place and what speed that is. If you are found to speed too often and get caught, it can lead to an immediate threat suspension if you’re not careful. So stick to the speed limits provided.

Being Distracted

Distractions are all around us, and with our phones, they tend to be the worst when it comes to distracting. It’s important that when you’re driving, that your full attention is on the road and not anywhere else. If you’re not careful, a distraction could cause an accident, and that’s not something you want when you’re in a vehicle.

It’s a very good idea to remove any distractions that you have in your car and that you realize are a distraction for you. Whether that’s putting your phone on aeroplane mode to avoid anything coming through, that might make you glance at it. It could be keeping your radio at a low volume to ensure that you can navigate situations where you might be lost and need to concentrate. There are different distractions that can happen in your car, and so it’s important to focus on making sure all of these are no longer causing a problem for you.

Driving With A Faulty Vehicle

Your vehicle is something that is always going to be dangerous. However, a faulty vehicle is going to make it even more of a risk factor when it comes to keeping you and others safe. From faulty brake pads to slightly flat wheels, you want to pick up on anything and everything that is deemed faulty. When it comes to a car, you should really be getting those things fixed as soon as possible. The danger that it can bring if you don’t is pretty serious. Make sure your vehicle is going in for its annual check-up is essential, but you also want to ensure that you are taking it in for a service if there’s anything that doesn’t feel or sound right.

Not Wearing A Seatbelt

It’s strange to think that there was a time where seatbelts actually didn’t exist in cars. You wonder why that wasn’t something that was considered but perhaps because there were a lot fewer people on the road. Whatever the reason, it’s important that your seatbelt is always on when you’re driving, and that goes for every passenger in your car too. Even if you are wearing your seatbelt, the passenger behind you who chose not to could become a threat to your life, as well as their own. It’s important that as the driver, you ensure that everyone has their seatbelt on while they’re driving. A lot of cars now, thankfully, have sensors that will go off when it realizes that someone hasn’t got their seatbelt on. It can be helpful for you as the driver so that you can at least keep your eyes on the road for the most part.

Driving When You’re Tired

Driving when you’re tired is similar to when you drink drive. Your awareness is flawed to some degree, and if you end up falling asleep at the wheel, you can lose total control of your car in just a second or two. It could result in serious injury or even death, and that’s not something that you want to put yourself into when it comes to driving. Make sure that if you are driving, that you take regular breaks, and if you feel tired, pull over. Find a service stop where you can rest your eyes, grab a coffee or energy drink to help you wake up. Do not drive when you don’t feel in control of your body.

These dangerous habits are something that everyone needs to be aware of and to be thoughtful when it comes to driving. If you have found yourself to have any one of these habits, work on removing them when it comes to your driving.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.