Don’t Truck Things Up! 7 Truck Maintenance Tips to Keep Up-to-Date

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If your pickup truck is a source of pride and joy, it’s only right that you learn the proper way to care for it. A little bit of maintenance goes a long way for this vehicle, especially if you drive it all the time. Learning how to keep a truck running will become a labor of love that’ll get you the best results. The suggestions below will help you with your truck maintenance. 

1. Keep Up With Your Truck’s Engine at All Times

The engine is the most critical part of your truck, so it’s only natural to start here when learning how to maintain it. If you take care of your engine carefully and consistently you won’t have to spend thousands of dollars replacing it. Each year, make and model has engine specs and nuances that dictate how to take care of it. 

For instance, C-14 truck manuals are useful if you need to learn the correct service steps and maintenance schedules. Familiarize yourself with some repair tools to tighten engine hoses, check your oil levels, get your oil changed, and more. Change the engine filter each time you get an oil change or an inspection. 

2. Source the Best Replacement Parts for Your Truck

Even the best truck labor will fail if you don’t use high-quality parts. Consider whether it’s more prudent to invest in aftermarket or OEM parts for your truck repairs. Choose a signature brand for all your parts replacements, and get a warranty to go with each purchase. 

3. Take Care of the Body and the Paint

Carefully maintain your truck’s appearance so you can uphold its value. Your truck will lose significant value if the body is dented, scratched, or corroded. Fixing the truck’s auto body also lets you love the way that the vehicle looks so that you can take pride in it. Upgrading to a new paint job might be an attractive option for you even if there’s nothing wrong with the current one. This new paint job creates a fresh new appearance that also makes your truck stand out. 

4. Change Your Truck Tires With Regularity

A pickup truck can easily weigh 6,000 pounds or more. They also carry heavy loads across several miles. 

Your truck tires must always be able to bear this weight without an issue. Check your tires regularly to make sure of this. Use a tire pressure gauge to see how much the tires are inflated and whether you need to refill them. 

Assess the edges of the tires to make sure they aren’t smoothing out and wearing down. Measure the depth of the tread, and replace your tires when the rubber is worn down. Failing to take action and change your tires will cause you to skid and will make stopping more difficult than it has to be. This ultimately makes your truck dangerous to drive and can lead to accidents. What’s more, every state has standards and laws for how much tread you have to maintain before you need to replace the tire. Driving on worn down tires can leave you open to tickets for improper equipment. 

5. Drive the Truck Regularly and Avoid Idling Whenever Possible

Driving your truck regularly is one of the best ways to maintain it. Taking frequent trips will help you assess norms and baselines so that you immediately know when something isn’t working properly. Putting some quality miles on your vehicle will keep the engine warm and will help the truck run fluidly. 

Avoid idling as much as you can. The city miles that take the biggest toll on your truck due to the constant stopping and starting. Use cruise control on the interstate when possible so that you don’t wear your brakes down prematurely. When you drive your truck it remains a well-oiled machine, so plan out trips every week. 

6. Address All Your Fluid Service 

Most truck owners understand that they have to change their oil, but just about every part of your truck uses some kind of fluid. The brakes, for example, have fluid that lubricates each part so you can engage them without causing too much friction. The transmission likewise has fluid to lubricate all of its components. Checking the levels of each fluid at least once a month is all you need to keep up with the parts. Learn when you need to refill the fluids and when your fluid is dingy and in need of a complete change. Shop for highly rated fluid from trusted brands, and your truck’s parts will stay cool and lubricated. 

7. Bring a Mechanic Onboard for Inspections and Constant Care

Perhaps the most critical part of truck maintenance is knowing when to let someone else do it. It’s noble to put in the TLC, but you also don’t want to run the risk of making a problem worse. Choose some repair technicians that focus on trucks, and have them give yours an inspection no less than once each year. Hire this truck shop for your routine maintenance and for any sorts of repairs you end up getting. 


Truck maintenance requires a constant willingness to learn and handle the work that is required. Let the tips above serve as your bread and butter when you need to take care of your truck. Handle these truck maintenance tips and stick with us for all of your automotive news and notes.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.