3 Must-Have Auto Upgrades To Customize Your Ride

Investing in a pre-owned vehicle can be one of the best ways to make your dream ride a cost-effective reality. You can get some of the top options on today’s hottest makes and models at a fraction of the original sticker price, often before they’ve even racked up significant mileage. The trade-off is that you get the options as an all-or-nothing preset, so it can take time to find what you want. Even then, it’s a good idea to customize the ride to make it a perfect fit. Upgrading can cost a fair amount of money, but the right car financing program can set you up with a loan on the vehicle that leaves you with enough in the bank to make it your own.

1. New Wheels

New rims are one of the fastest ways to set yourself apart from the pack with any vehicle. They allow you to pick the exact profile you want to cut, not only with the design of the rim itself, but with its sizing and tire profile match. If you want to change up the tire size for either appearance or performance, a new set gives you that chance. It also gives you a fresh start on wear and tear. With new rims and tires to match, you know there’s no corrosion or damage compromising the seal, and you also know exactly how many miles you have before the warranty runs out on your tires and you need a new set.

2. Performance Brakes

You might not see your brakes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize them. Replacing the calipers and rotors to give yourself a fresh start means refreshing their responsiveness, but with a performance upgrade you can achieve specific goals that change up the handling of your vehicle, making it fit your driving style even better. More stopping power, better heat diffusion for longer life, or a more aggressive bite when you hit the pedal are all possible. Remember, depending on your driving goal, different performance setups might work better for you. Shop performance brake parts to put together a good profile of the changes you want before moving ahead and you can reset the maintenance clock on another important system while personalizing your driving experience.

3. Custom Light Upgrades

Lighting upgrades let you show who you are, even in the dark or under inclement conditions. By customizing your lighting profile, you can make sure people know it’s you and not just anyone driving the same model. That’s why new lights are among the most popular upgrades. The trends in what people want change, but whether you’re talking under-car neon lighting on street tuners in the early 2000s or powered up fog lights to let off-roading friends know when you’re approaching in the 2010s, there are options out there. What’s under-discussed is how the right choice in augmented lighting can make your experience safer.

Off-road enthusiasts know this already, because they drive where there are no other light sources to help them. That’s why additional lighting originally became a go-to upgrade, before the trend in personalized light sets began. It’s also why it’s a good idea for anyone who drives a lot at night to consider. Simpler custom upgrades can add a few extra fog lights or upgrade the intensity and widen the field on your brights, making it easier for you to stay safe.

Not Ready For Your Next Vehicle? Refinance and Renovate

If you own your car with no debt against it and you want to refresh its performance instead of trading it in, you can usually also find financing from the same programs that help you budget a new vehicle. Older vehicles don’t have as much equity, but it can be a way to affordably upgrade a few important systems at once so you can keep enjoying the ride that’s served you for years.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.