Faults You May Encounter With An Audi

As much as we love our cars, it is worth being honest about their limitations; if the perfect car had been built by now, everyone would be driving it. It’s OK to have a car, and love it, and at the same time know that it has certain challenges. If you buy a Fiat, you’ll have a lot of fun driving it and you will also learn that the clutch gives up after a while. Drive a BMW and, while you’ll love the sense of power it offers, you won’t love the persistent electrical problems. Meanwhile, if you drive an Alfa Romeo, the 10% of the time that it actually works will be blissful, the rest of the time less so.

This is all to say that as much as you’ll love driving an Audi, you need to be aware that there are faults common to some of the models carrying the famous interlocked rings. As long as you are aware of these issues, they needn’t spoil your driving experience – rest assured that they’re less problematic than a long list of other cars. At the same time, it does pay to be aware.

HVAC issues can leave the car smelling moldy

Periodically, Audi drivers have cause to complain about their vehicle starting to give off what can be described as a “musty” smell, usually after it has been sat in the sun for prolonged periods. The issue is that the heating and ventilation system in an Audi is prone to a build-up of spores. This won’t affect the vehicle’s performance, but it can make driving it an unpleasant experience until such time as you run a cleaning system in the car, which will tend to clear the air for at least six months. If the scent persists, you might want to take it to the mechanic for a look over.

Turn signals can be unreliable

Indicating when you’re about to turn isn’t just about being courteous to the driver behind you, it’s essential for safe driving and accident prevention. However, with some Audi models – including the A4 – the turn signal can stay on too long, or never come on at all, as the video below explains:

This is a problem worth checking out before you end up in an accident, calling the likes of Wetzel Law Firm to assess your liability. Don’t hesitate to get the car to an expert, as the problem is curable but will pose a problem for as long as it is in place.

The catalytic converter can be leaky

Vehicle emissions are a concern for any environmentally-conscious driver, and your Audi uses a catalytic converter to reduce harmful emissions as far as possible. However, the join between the converter and the exhaust can become weathered with repeated use, and lead to the leaking of fumes. You can normally tell that this has happened by a tell-tale deeper sound coming from the exhaust; if you notice this, get it to the dealership as soon as possible. Once the converter is outside of warranty, it will cost a huge amount to replace.

By and large, the experience of Audi drivers is that of a safe, reliable car which handles beautifully and gives excellent economy. Just remember that no car is perfect, and being aware of the possible issues will help you appreciate your Audi all the more.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.