Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Custom Tire Covers

RV and jeep spare tires usually get maximum exposure to the elements of nature. Though they are known to be durable and rugged, safeguarding them from deterioration is critical. Since spare tires are not being driven, a protective covering helps extend their lifespan.

There are professionals like who are adept at manufacturing soft vinyl custom tire covers which double up as a valuable advertising campaign for auto dealerships. The personalized touch printed on the cover increases the visibility of tire centers, auto dealers and car repair shops. Durable UV-resistant ink creates a custom imprint that depicts your company name, logo, or artwork.

It is vital that you pay attention to the details of the product as it serves multiple purposes. Your customers use them to

  • Protect their spare tire from sun damage
  • Prevent it from cracking when left idle for long spells
  • Reduce exposure to harmful elements like moisture, wind, cold, and dirt
  • Increase the longevity of their spare wheel 

Follow these steps to invest in customized tire covers that meet your dealership’s needs and add value to the vehicles you sell or service.

Check Tire Dimensions

To accurately assess the size of the mounted spare, refer to the measurements printed on their sidewall. All the numbers reflecting on the spare wheel are needed to find the perfect cover match. Tire covers do not come in a universal size, so do not ignore the size aspect. 

Covers that are sagging do not serve their purpose as they fail to protect the spare tire adequately. If it isn’t a perfect fit, the spare cover is prone to slipping off while driving.  

Approach Reputed Manufacturers That Offer Customized Options

It is worth conducting extensive research and scanning through online customer reviews to zero in on a reputed vendor. Dealers who’ve been in the business for a considerable period of time can offer referrals too.

Manufacturers who value their clientele will never fleece you and will ensure you get your money’s worth. They would be willing to go the extra mile to meet your demands to the best of their abilities. Your inputs and ideas are carefully executed while designing the custom tire covers made exclusively for your dealership. 

Examine the Fit

A secure fit provided by a durable bungee cord ensures a snug closing mechanism. The cover must be a firm protective layer enveloping the spare tires of the vehicles you deal in or frequently service. Even a slight gap can result in unwanted exposure to the harmful effects of the sun and other adverse elements.

Assess the Durability of the Covers

The material used to manufacture the tire cover must be sturdy and weather resistant. In the case of soft covers, only rugged vinyl can withstand extreme temperatures, be it hot or cold.

If constant exposure to harsh outdoor elements results in cracking the cover, the quality is inferior. A durable cover is usually made from thick material which is resistant to both scratches and ultraviolet rays. 

Evaluate the Extent of Maintenance

Your customers will appreciate spare tire covers that are easy to maintain and require minimal cleaning. Using mild soap and regular water should ideally preserve them without damaging the material or the screen printing. 

If washing results in print fading away, the cover will no longer serve as an advertisement for your company. Alternately, the periodic application of a cleaner meant exclusively for vinyl surfaces also keeps its luster intact and retains its suppleness.

Examine Quality of Printing

Firstly, screen printing done on vinyl tire covers works out to be more economically viable than taking the digital route. It is also vibrant, durable, and long-lasting with no semblance of deterioration or fading setting in with time.

All the finer details of your customized elements are brilliantly captured through screen printing. In contrast, digital prints are likely to fade, peel, or crack upon exposure to the elements.

Check the Ease of Application

Tire covers made from vinyl material are not bulky and are easy to handle thanks to the soft fabric. Putting them on and removing them is also quite uncomplicated and straightforward, making it extremely convenient for you and your clientele. 

Inquire About Additional Features

Seasoned manufacturers understand the market and even cater to the centrally positioned camera feature in jeeps, for instance. A hole is created in the center section of the tire cover to accommodate the camera.

Place your orders with a reliable manufacturer as this customized accessory can increase your business’ visibility to a large extent. 

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.