4 Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Summer Car Washing. Cleaning Car Using High Pressure Water.

Keeping your vehicle looking like new is a good idea, because it’s a way you can inadvertently preserve its lifespan and avoid costly repairs or replacing parts earlier than expected. Taking care of your vehicle will also make you more money in the long-term, when you eventually decide to sell and upgrade. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to keep your car looking like new.

Tackle Rust

Your car is made of metal that will inevitably rust over time; this problem is usually handled by scraping off the rust, which is a harsh method. A better way to handle a rusty vehicle frame is by using a liquid rust-remover or converter, such as those offered on 4WDLife.com. Due to the advancement of chemical technologies, the latest liquid converters can remove the thickest layers of rust and unleash the pristine surface underneath. 

Wash Your Car Properly

Washing your car properly is the best and most simple way to keep it looking new. It doesn’t cost you anything but the price of a sponge and a bucket, and a spare afternoon. Here’s how you should go about doing it well:

  • Prepare Your Car For Washing: The very first step in proper car washing is the preparation of the vehicle. This includes having your bucket with soapy water on hand, as well as extra clothes and sponges. You should always situate your car wherever you find most efficient, which many people decide is the driveway. The interior should be cleaned with a damp cloth, dipped in water or detergent solution.
  • Wash the Car: While the car is wet, wash it as usual using a detergent-water solution. Wash in small sections and let the car air dry, but avoid direct sunlight. If the vehicle is left out in the sun, the exposure could cause fading and cracking.
  • Scrubbing: When you are finished washing the car’s exterior, you will want to remove all of the dirt that is still stuck by scrubbing gently until it comes off.
  • Waxing: As you may have already learned, car polish is used to give the exterior of your car an attractive shine; this is done by adding gloss to the car. You can buy this product at most auto shops. 
  • Detailing: Detailing is a crucial part of car maintenance. While the car is still damp, apply a clean rag to the body. Use a vacuum attachment, and clean the interior including the trunk. You can use the brush or sponge for all other parts of the car, including the floor mats and the seats. The floor mats may be vacuumed to remove any loose dirt.

Vehicle Detailing Paint Job

Cleaning and detailing your vehicle’s paint job should be part of your habits as a driver. Your vehicle’s paint is a reflection of the years it has spent outdoors, and years of abuse which it has suffered from the weather. The paint is subjected to wind, rain, dust, mud and more every single day.

Apply the following tips to preserve the paint on your car:

  • If you want to avoid having to purchase a new paint job, you will want to clean it as often as possible.
  • A clear coat is another great way to help protect your car against damage. You can use a clear coat to defend against scratches, abrasions and dents to your finish.
  • Polish the surface with a clean rag or cloth. Wipe the area in a clockwise direction, paying special attention to the speed at which you do so. If you apply the polish too forcefully or without care, you risk unevenly spreading it. It is also possible to polish the inside, depending on what kind of material your seats and dashboard consist of.

Regular Car Maintenance

When carrying out a maintenance history check, you may find unprecedented issues. The tires could lose their grip, a light could be slightly weaker than its counterpart; the brakes could become worn out, or even fail altogether. For this reason, regular auto maintenance check is very important. Annual car maintenance will help to avoid costly repairs in the future.


You can make your car look like new with regular washing and maintenance. Correct vehicle care should aim at preserving the lifespan of your vehicle. Also, if your paint job has taken on slight damage in the form of scratches or stains, this can be easily corrected through proper cleaning and polishing.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.