Easiest Ways to Move Around a Massive Golf Course

Golf is an old classic sport that is becoming more popular among younger ages now. Golf courses, however, are large green areas that can be hard to get around without means of transportation. Some golf courses offer to rent special motorized carts and bikes to help move around the place, but this might not be available if you have your own golf course.

Here, we talk about a few transportation methods that can help you navigate such large areas. Stick around to find out how people navigate these areas and what kind of carts they use in order to help with that. 


This type of vehicle has four wheels and is very easy to control within the range of golf courses. Their center of gravity is placed at the bottom which enhances their balance, maintains stability, and provides functional solid handling that allows the riders to control the vehicle properly on sharply angled hills. The way riders control these vehicles is through managing the moving speed by a thumb throttle, they also get to adjust the maximum speed of the golf board by a very simple switch. The maximum speed here ranges from 6mph to 10mph. 

They are not just good for transportation, they are designed to fit other activities as well. For example, they come with a loose adjustable cooler that works on keeping food and drinks in a cool state while riders enjoy their golf games. If only people would use these for park picnics, right? These vehicles also require charging their batteries to work just like toy cars. You charge the golf board’s lithium-ion battery for about 90 minutes to provide you 12 miles of operating. If you get a good deal, those golf boards can really come in handy for visiting golf courses that make you feel like you can’t see the other side of the court. 

Golf Carts

These are a bit faster than golf boards, they have a maximum forward speed of 15mph and  backward speed of 10mph. They run on gas, electricity, and in some carts, solar energy. The golf carts that run on gas use gasoline that is similar to that used in regular cars. While the electric ones are simply charged through powering the 110-volt battery cells with electricity. These ones will require charging for at least 8 to 12 hours to refill a drained battery. Other golf carts are created to be environmentally friendly by using solar panels placed on their rooftops to charge their batteries without consuming gas or electricity. This makes it easy for users to leave their golf carts in the sun while enjoying a round of golf, to let them charge.

Golf carts only come with two gears, the F gear for forwarding, and the R gear for Reverse. To move the cart, control the desired gear by shifting the lever into the correct position, then step gently on the gas pedal. 

Golf Skate or Golf Caddy 

This is another skateboard-like vehicle that makes moving around golf courses easier and faster. For this one, riders get to control the speed of the vehicle by wielding a wireless remote. It’s easy for beginners because these vehicles come with four modes available for programming, allowing the speed of 3mph, 6mp, 9mph, and 12mph. All of which help in navigating through the course a little faster than usual golf skateboards. The Golf Skate Caddy also offers a lot of cool features that are considered more innovative than other golf vehicles. They feature a drink holder, a waterproof USB port, front and back LED lights, an umbrella and mount, a self-draining cooler, and storage for tees and balls. They also come with a fitted seat that allows you to rest your feet whilst standing by a group of people waiting for them to clear the way. If charged to the max, they provide around 36 holes of play.

Golf Bike

Golf bikes are much simpler than the mentioned examples. It provides a speed of 6mph and has amounted bag on each side that lets you carry as many clubs as a full set. The golf bike tires are small, wide, and made of rubber, and the seat is gel-filled which most people find comfortable. It also comes with an insulated cooler bag and the frame of the bike is step-through to allow for riders to get on and off faster. 

Finding a way to move around in golf courses is very important as these places are usually larger than any field used in any other sport, and golf is usually played during the day which makes it harder to move on foot. This is why most of these carts and bikes come with a mounted roof to help block the sun heat from golf players while using the vehicle.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.