The Conflict Continues – Buying a New Car vs. Buying a Used Car

No matter how people judge you, if you’re taking your time and exploring your options, it can be the best thing for you. Car purchasing isn’t a simple process and includes careful contemplating and eye to detail to all the buying facts. A good buyer always has several options to choose from. And bringing in the prospect of used cars with new cars can be advantageous for you whichever you choose in the end. 

The battle between buying used and new cars is an ongoing process, and no one can come out as a winner in this fight. This is due to the fact that both these types of vehicles have their own advantages and disadvantages. To ease your headache, we placed some of the differences between both kinds of cars to help you make an informed decision:

Good and Bad Aspects of a New Car

The Good

Probably the best thing about a new car is that it’s “new” with a shiny and spotless paint job. The look of a brand new car can’t beat anything and also its feel. Another advantage can be zero mileages on it and warranty up to one year that can get the vehicle as many repairs as needed. Technology is advancing rapidly in new cars that make driving more relaxed and support multitasking. The latest models may also be more energy-efficient and use lesser fuel to save costs.

The Bad

Yes, it can be a bad thing to choose a new car over a used one in several instances. The number one problem will be reselling of it that can accumulate as low as half the car’s price when it was bought. This is a big downer that can cause you to lose a substantial amount on the vehicle once purchased at full price. Another thing can be that if you buy it as your first car or for your child, who is a new driver, the brand new vehicle could suffer from unrepairable damages. Lastly, once you buy a new vehicle, it will take you years to transition to a newer model by paying down the entire loan. 

Useful and Impractical Traits of a Used Car

The Useful

There are some notorious myths going on about used cars that are ages-old and don’t apply to them anymore. Firstly, used cars no longer come without guarantee and quality maintenance; you can even get economical insurance on it (another benefit). These used cars bought from reliable firms, such as Rolls Auto Sales, that take good care of them and buy from responsible drivers, complete several thousand mileages before needing any repairs. You won’t have to worry about reselling a used car with a loss of about 5 percent only. You can scratch and bump a used car with less heartache and move to a new model easily. 

The Impractical

A few disadvantages of buying used vehicles is that you may end up getting a botched deal. The used car might also have some issues with its paint and need repairs that you may not have time to implement. You may not be able to resell the vehicle if used for more than 7 to 8 years as by adding up the mileages of the previous owner, it may be useless to the market, but it all depends on where you buy the car from and are they certified or not.


From our comparison above, it becomes clear what kind of cars are more suitable for buying these days. Used vehicles have several advantages for your money and are also reliable for keeping up with. However, if you want to buy a brand new car, the choice is yours. But the decision also depends on your needs, financial condition, and desires from a car to buy the best one for you, so take all these factors into account and make an informed decision.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.