6 Reasons You Should Consider the Switch to a Diesel Vehicle

When you’re thinking about getting a new vehicle, there should only be two things you look for – diesel and manual. All jokes aside, you might be looking for a new vehicle and aren’t sure of what type to find, or you may already have an idea in mind. That idea might be to switch from regular gas to diesel, which can be confusing if you’ve never owned a diesel before.

Diesel vehicles are often considered the older models of cars, but that doesn’t mean they lack any of the capabilities of new ones. Diesel has been a tried and trusted type of fuel source for vehicles for a long time, and if you’re considering making the switch, here are 6 reasons why you should trust that instinct.

1. Cheaper On Fuel Costs

The one problem everyone can agree on is that the rising cost of gas sucks. You don’t want to have to budget a lot of your money just to keep your car going from point A to point B, which is where diesel comes in. Diesel can help you save on fuel economy by up to 33%, which will make your pockets plenty happy.

2. Easier to Repair

Another concern for vehicle owners is the cost of repairs and mechanical work. The diesel pros at https://samechanic.com show that diesel cars aren’t just cheaper for gas, they can be less of a hassle on costs for mechanical work. Cutting down on repair costs can save you big time and this is a huge plus if you are driving an older vehicle that might need servicing more often. Getting a good car means one that won’t wreck your wallet, and that’s what diesel offers.

3. Efficient for Vehicles

Not only is it efficient for fuel economy, but it is also efficient for the engine itself. This is partly why it is so much better for a vehicle in terms of repair costs but it also means your diesel engine vehicle is going to last longer. The less wear and tear you can produce for your vehicle, the better it will be, the longer it will last, and this means that you are not going to be looking for a new replacement anytime soon. No ignition system means one less problem to worry about.

4. Environmentally Friendly Options Are Growing

Diesel often gets a bad rep that it is bad for the environment, but the truth is that there are a lot more environmental options for diesel available, and that diesel being bad is a myth. Biodiesel is a growing industry that is poised to promise more green options to help fuel cars. Corn, algae, soy, methane, and even paper waste are being tested as solutions and alternatives to traditional petroleum products which makes it an insanely valuable future investment. Not to mention, diesel cars aren’t loud or smelly anymore.

5. Higher Resale Value

Diesel cars can cost a little more with upfront costs than non-diesel counterparts, but on the backend, the resale value is higher. This is good news because you likely won’t be keeping this car forever until it has no value whatsoever. Reselling a diesel car can give you more money back when you sell it because they don’t depreciate as much as non-diesel. The efficiency of diesel for the engine is going to end up paying you back in spades in more ways than just keeping the car running smoothly while you own it. It might be premature, but if you make the switch now, you could get more back in 5 years when you find a new car eventually.

6. Plenty of Vehicle Choice

People are hung up on the idea that diesel cars are just big, loud trucks or loud classic muscle cars. The reality is that there is more choice now than ever for people who want to make the switch. If you want a diesel truck, you’ll be able to find plenty, but there are even diesel Mercedes to pick from. in the diesel variety. Having this selection of diesel vehicles is something that could sway you in this direction if you have a particular car in mind.

When you think of diesel you probably imagine loud, smelly, or old, but the truth is further from that than you can even imagine. Diesel vehicles are a lot more efficient now, more reliable, better value, and come in plenty of variations so making the switch could be a lot smarter than you thought.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.