8 Essential Car Products No Pet Parent Should Go Without

Going for car rides with your dog can be fun, but it does come with its own set of challenges. Being in a moving vehicle with limited space and amenities is wildly different from staying at home, after all. During your trip, your pet might accidentally make a mess, shed all over your car, or jump around restlessly and distract you from driving.

As a pet parent, you’ll be pleased to know that there are accessories and customizable pet products that can make car rides with your fur baby more enjoyable for both of you. Here are some suggestions that can be extremely helpful:

Pet Car Seat Belt

Dogs are naturally curious creatures and are easily excitable, especially when in a moving vehicle. As such, they might start trying to get to the front seat, which may cause you to take your eyes off of the road.

That being said, securing your pet in the back seat for the duration of the car ride is one way to keep them from roaming around. However, using your car’s seat belt may not be ideal if you have a smaller dog. Should this be the case, it’s best to buy a high-quality pet seat belt instead. Essentially, it’s a sturdy and adjustable strap that you can attach to your car’s backseat to safely keep your pup in place.

Sturdy Pet Carrier

If your dog tends to get stressed out during car rides, getting a pet carrier is one way to keep them calm. This is because some animals naturally feel safer when they are in an enclosed space, which is why some dogs like to burrow under pillows and sheets. Pet carriers are also considered the most sheltered and versatile way to travel with your pet.

With a pet carrier, not only can you drive your pet to different places, but you can also take them with you on airplanes, boats, and other modes of transportation. When shopping for this product, just make sure to take two things into account. Firstly, pick a carrier that will allow your pet to stand up straight and move around freely. Secondly, choose one that meets the size requirements of most airlines. 

Car Harness

For more active pets, a seat belt or pet carrier may not be enough. In fact, some pups feel more restless if they’re strapped down or confined to a cage. If this is the case for your furry friend, you might want to get them a harness instead. This product can still provide your pet added security and support while allowing them to move around a bit in your car’s back seat.

Pet Booster Seat

Long car rides can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog, so it’s a good idea to buy a booster seat made especially for them. They come in a variety of styles, with some looking like a child’s booster seat that you can carry around and put in your car. Make sure to take your dog’s size and weight into account so that you can get the right model for them.

Waterproof Car Seat Covers

There are times when traveling with your pets can become messy. Your fur baby may urinate, defecate, or drool excessively due to stress, ruining your car seats. Moreover, a fluffy dog can shed a lot and leave hair all over your car seats. You can prevent all this by getting waterproof seat covers to make cleaning up after your pets much easier. Simply pull over at the side of the road, wipe off or pick up any mess, and you’ll be ready to get back on track.

Portable Vacuum

Make cleaning up after your canine companions a quick and simple affair by keeping a battery-powered vacuum at the ready. With one of these, picking up all that pesky dog fur is a breeze, and there will be no need to go over everything repeatedly with a lint roller or hair remover. You can also use the vacuum to pick up food pieces, small rocks, leaves, and other debris that your pet may bring into the car after a day of fun.

Travel-friendly Pet Bowls

Keeping your pet hydrated and fed throughout the trip can be hard to do, as some pet bowls aren’t exactly travel-friendly. Fortunately, you can get collapsible pet bowls specifically for bringing on trips. These products are designed to hold enough food and water for your pet to eat out of, all while ensuring easy cleanup and storage.

Seat Hammock

Seat hammocks are ideal for pet owners with large or particularly fluffy dogs. It functions as both a seat cover that protects your car interior from dirt and spills. At the same time, it acts as a barrier that keeps your pet from scurrying into the front seat. Installing one in your vehicle will also allow you to store your belongings on the floor of your car without your pup getting to them.

Traveling with your pet can be challenging at times, but you can still make it a fun and memorable experience by investing in these car accessories. Truly, these products will ensure a comfortable and stress-free ride for you and your furry best friend.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.