The Disastrous Effects Of Neglecting Your Vehicle’s Maintenance

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You can ask hundreds of drivers whether they think that vehicle maintenance is crucial to road safety and the answer will always be yes. In reality, however, many of them do not take good care of their cars – how else can you explain such a huge number of serious accidents caused by nothing but poor vehicle maintenance? Driving such a car is not only dangerous for you and your passengers but also all other people on the road. 

Even if you are lucky enough to avoid the worst scenario, by neglecting the proper maintenance of your car, you lose your money, paying more for repairs and replacements and decreasing the value of your investment. If you are one of those who are not that passionate about using technical services on a regular basis, read on to learn how disastrous can be the effects of such an approach.

Higher Probability Of Car Accident

Accidents happen due to a myriad of reasons including speeding, drunk driving, bad weather conditions, ignoring of rules, or lack of focus at a certain moment. However, many car collisions are triggered by careless drivers who have failed to address an existing problem in their vehicles. As explained by experienced car accident lawyers at, the last thing you want in dealing with an insurance company is being at fault (even partly) for a wreck. Plus, the other driver will have a perfect base to sue you. 

They add that drivers who have neglected to maintain their cars cause a big number of fatal crashes, much more than one would think. Taking all this into consideration, it’s a no-brainer that maintaining your vehicle properly and checking regularly such important elements as brakes, tires, or even windshield wipers is, in the long run, much easier, cheaper, and what’s most important, safer than ignoring your responsibilities as a driver.

Decreased Safety 

You do not need to have a crash to feel helpless and frustrated. How about a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere, and under “nowhere” we do not mean a remote spot surrounded by wildlife but an ordinary quiet road at night? Even such unpretentious things as unchecked treads of tires and air pressure can turn your journey into a nightmare, not to mention the consequences of a sudden loss of a wheel at high speed. 

Do not play games with your safety and well-being as well as with those of your loved ones because evil never sleeps. The only viable way to do it is by keeping your car roadworthy, meaning that you can’t go wrong with checking the condition of wipers and defrosters every time you get into the car. Also, make sure your tires are properly inflated while windows and mirrors are absolutely clean.

Dwarfed Car Value And Shortened Life

Far from being as disastrous as the first two examples, the significantly shorter life of their beloved vehicle still looks like a catastrophe to many car owners. Indeed, a car, especially a brand new one, is a hefty investment, so why add to the otherwise unavoidable depreciation by neglecting its maintenance? Even if you are not plotting to sell your vehicle in the near future, you want to make the best of your hard-earned money, and when it comes to the car, you can’t do better than paying decent attention to preventive care intended to reduce wear and tear of the engine, and other elements that make your vehicle such a great thing.

Increased Repair Costs

Whether you like it or not, the truth is it is not regular maintenance that costs a heck of a lot of money but apparently unexpected repairs and replacements. If you are too lazy to solve the problem when it is still minor, be ready to pay much more later – the bigger the issue, the higher the costs. Or, you can follow the example of people who do maintain their vehicle on a regular basis, dealing with the problem the moment it shows the first signs of existence. Needless to say, such an approach to the idea of being a responsible car owner comes with numerous benefits, and apart from paying less for eventual repairs, you also get a reliable means of transport.

As with the majority of things in life, prevention is key, and routine car maintenance is a huge part of the famous it’s better safe than sorry rule. Obviously, no driver should neglect regular and proper vehicle maintenance because the consequences of such carelessness can be truly disastrous.

Robert Cooke
Rob is a certified mechanic and long-time automotive enthusiast who has worked on everyday passenger vehicles, race and rally cars, and derby cars.