The Top 5 Convertible Sports Cars for 2021

Contrary to popular belief, convertible cars are just as safe as non-convertible cars. If safety was holding you back from buying a convertible sports car, you no longer have to worry. We know you’ve always wanted one, so now is the time to buy.

Read on to learn about the top five convertible sports cars for 2021.

1. Pontiac Solstice

The best convertible sports cars are those that are reliable. This is the case for the Pontiac Solstice. With a convertible soft top, this sports car will have people looking back.

When looking for these convertible sports cars for sale, especially used, you should look for leaks. It is common for this car to have differential fluid seeping from an axle seal. It is just something that happens when enough wear is on the car.

Keep in mind that these cars are lower to the ground than others. This makes it harder to keep it scratch-free. For more on this convertible sports car, check out this post.

2. Mazda MX-5

This new sports car is one every sports car lover is keeping an eye on this year. With the success that Mazda has had so far, the new generation had big shoes to fill. In fact, Mazda is now considered one of the best companies in the world that sell two-seater sports cars.

The fourth generation is smaller and lighter than its predecessor. It is also more affordable compared to other brands like Porsche.

3. Mercedes E-Class

The Mercedes E-class makes the list of the best convertible sports car out there because of its style and high-quality materials. It also has one of the best infotainment systems out there.

Unlike the Mazda MX-5, this sports car is a four-seater and it bigger than the model that came before it. This drop-top is best for those who like to cruise and don’t mind spending their money.

4. Porsche 911

Perhaps the best handling four-seater convertible out there right now is the Porsche 911. This high priced vehicle works at the flick of the switch. Bonus: Your roof folds down within 13 seconds.

If you want this convertible sports car, you must be willing to pay the price. However, some believe the exhilarating performance is worth the steep cost. Keep in mind that you’ll be paying for the vehicle, the fuel consumption, and the high insurance rates.

5. BMW Z4

The BMW Z4 is the fourth, and best generation of the sports car the German car maker has created. The third generation turned a lot of people off because of the folding metal hardtop and other features. The BMW Z4 has a more traditional feel, including a soft-top.

Other features of this model include an amazing infotainment system, cruise control, dual-zone climate control, and LED headlights.

You’ve Always Wanted a Convertible Sports Car

You’ve always wanted a convertible sports car, which is what led you to this article in the first place. 2021 is the year many people are looking to buy these luxury cars. After all, we could all use a little more adventure in our lives after 2020.

Want to read more about luxury vehicles? Keep coming back for just that and more on the auto industry.

Robert Cooke
Rob is a certified mechanic and long-time automotive enthusiast who has worked on everyday passenger vehicles, race and rally cars, and derby cars.