Things To Consider If You Hire A Truck To Move Houses In SA

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Moving houses can be very stressful whether you’re doing it as one person or an entire family in Adelaide or interstate. Many things need taking care of with your current place before leaving and in your new space before settling in the house. 

If you’re moving from a far distance, you need to decide if it’s worth bringing everything you own all that way or if you should size down and rebuild. Hiring a truck is essential, but you’ll have to determine the size truck you can afford to accommodate your budget and if it will transport all that you have.

The wise first step is to go through each room, ultimately decluttering the entire house, deciding as you go what you can replace once you get to your new home and what you simply have to transport with you. Doing so will simplify the process and allow you to hire the right truck for your specific needs.

Many truck hire facilities are in and around Adelaide that serve various purposes, like CVG Hire Adelaide SA. If you live in Adelaide and are moving within the same area, you should have no problem comparing resources and finding a good deal to satisfy your budget.

Factors To Consider When Hiring a Truck For Your Move

When it comes time for you to move to a new home, you might find that you need to hire a truck to transport your possessions from one place to another. Whether you’re moving a distance or simply staying in the Adelaide area, there are things you need to take into consideration with the moving process:

The Size Of The Truck Hired For The Move

First and foremost, you want to declutter the home. That includes boxing things up for: donation, friends/family, recycle, discard, and transport. Once this process is through, and you distribute the boxes where they need to go, you’ll have a general idea of what will come with you in the truck. 

If you’re moving within the same area, you’ll likely want to bring most of your furnishings and possessions. In that case, take an inventory of all that you have in order to book the right vehicle for your trip. 

Pay attention to garden items, including awkward or oversized pieces like a barbecue, trampoline, or things that might take up considerable space. Hiring a truck that’s inadequate in size will mean making several trips back and forth, adding to the cost, not to mention your effort, time, and frustration.

A vehicle that is too large has the potential for things sliding around and becoming damaged. Measuring what you have on a diagram of sorts will help determine a pretty close estimate of the size you’ll need.

Driving The Hired Truck

It can be challenging and carries a great deal of responsibility driving a hired truck. Click this for guidance on moving by yourself. When you call to book the vehicle, you’ll need to check for the requirements, including the type of license required for operation. In most cases, moving vehicles only need a standard car license. Still, specific sizes warrant a Light-Rigid or LR or a Medium-Rigid or MR class. 

Make sure to select the truck size that works with your driving license and for which you will feel most comfortable operating. Remember, hire facilities designate a specific age that drivers need to be to use the services.

Make Sure To Familiarize Yourself With The Truck before Moving Your Things

It would be wise to take a test run from your current place to the new home with the truck to become comfortable. Not only to grow familiar with the route you’ll take but also with the vehicle and the various features.

Each type of truck has a particular amount of height restriction, of which you’ll want to make yourself aware and learn to take turns with ease allowing for clearance while driving. You’ll want to map different routes to make sure to avoid areas that might prove challenging for a big vehicle.

It’s wise to choose a route where you’re able to remain on main roads instead of a tight one-way stretch. Distance away from other vehicles is a preventative measure that all drivers should take while maintaining a less than standard speed limit as a precaution. A heavy truck requires extended stop times, especially with a full load. 

Preparing Possessions For Transport / What You Should Have For A Successful Move

The vehicle itself will most likely offer the modern conveniences to keep those riding in the cab comfortable, including air conditioning and perhaps a stereo. The proper packaging of your possessions is your responsibility so that they get to the final destination safely.

Things you want to invest in to protect your valuables include furniture pads with blankets and straps to ensure all the larger pieces are secure. Items that you put in boxes should be bubble-wrapped, most importantly fragile or breakable things, and taping the packages with a good seal is essential. 

You also want to have a trolley to move heavy items more easily from the truck to the house without harm coming to you or damage to the pieces or the vehicle. You want to be ginger with the machine, even though most come with insurance. It will still be your obligation for damages incurred while it’s in your possession. And you don’t want the added hassle on top of the stress of moving.

Final Thought

The ability to hire a truck for your moving needs in Adelaide, SA, is a lifesaver when you have a whole house to move from one place to another. Some precautions are necessary when hiring a vehicle for transporting, but these are worth the while. If you’re traveling a long distance, go to for budget-friendly ideas to help you through the process.

You get a great return on your investment from hiring a truck in the amount of time, effort, and costs you save from attempting other means of moving. The only thing left to do once the transport is complete is to return the vehicle – and put all your stuff away. But settling in is the fun part.

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