Tips to Keep Your Racing Car In Perfect Shape

Several factors dictate your success on the race track. However, your maintenance schedule and daily tasks have the most sway on whether you will get the most out of your car. Before laying down a care regimen, it is worth noting that maintenance varies from car to car, and a routine that worked for one driver won’t necessarily do the trick for you. This article will focus on the more universal tips and how to implement them to keep your car in perfect shape.

1. Check the wheels

A racing car’s wheels come up against a lot of friction and bumps and can easily pick up bends and cracks. Failing wheels can set you up for accidents and increase the risk of damage to adjacent equipment. Ensure your wheels are in perfect shape before hitting the road, and when changing them, get your replacements from a trusted dealer like Crash Champions. The auto repair market is brimming with dealers, so you shouldn’t struggle to find one with the best prices for auto gear if you shop around.

2. Do not ignore the engine

The engine is the main part of the car, and your performance on the track has everything to do with how it runs. To avoid physical damage and keep your engine in top shape at all times, follow your owner’s manual for oil changes. On top of that, set valve lash, clean and lubricate the carburetor, clean or replace air filters, and pay attention to belts and hoses.

3. Clean the radiator

Failing to address leaks in the radiator can quickly turn your high-end racing car into scrap. You need to flush the fins once every one to four weeks, depending on whether you race on tarmac or dirt. All you need for this is a low-pressure hose and clean water. You might also want to inspect the hoses and hose clamps for leaks and other signs of abrasion-induced damage.

4. Check suspension linkages for cracks and bends

If you have a spindle checker, use it to see if the spindle eyes are lined up through the middle of the tapers. Next, move to the ball joints and inspect for straightness. Remove the shock and spring, steer the vehicle left, and examine the movement of the spindle. Up-and-down movement is a signal your ball joint is bent or is on the verge of bending. Always ensure your ball joints and rod ends are lubricated and the upper control arm mounts are straight.

5. Adhere to a meticulous car cleaning routine

Cleaning is the most obvious vehicle maintenance tip, but it’s also one that many people get wrong. If you use a pressure washer, chances are you are inflicting damage on your racing car. Unlike boats, cars have many parts that aren’t meant to come in contact with water. Use a bucket water, soap, a garden hose, and a piece of cloth for a friendlier washing routine.


Use these guidelines to keep your racing car in perfect shape. Check with a mechanic whenever you spot damage or any unsightly changes whose origin you can’t trace.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.