Want to Ride a Motorcycle? Here’s What to Do

When it comes to motorcycling, women have always been depicted as a pillion rider, sitting behind their men and enjoying the ride. The real thrill and excitement are reserved for the man who has the throttle and the brakes under his control.

Not anymore. More women are taking up motorcycle riding these days than ever before and it is a common sight to see a lady dressed in a leather jacket and boots zipping past your car on the highway. Are you a daring girl interested in riding a motorcycle but not like other girls sitting behind their men? If yes, then read on to know what you need to do. 

Don’t Feel Intimidated by The Size and Weight of The Bike

It can be a little intimidating for you in the beginning if you have never drive a two-wheeler in your life. But if you know how to ride a bicycle, riding a motorcycle becomes easy with the same basics of motion and balancing involved with it. Of course, you need to learn coordination of the clutch and the accelerator to make sure your bike moves ahead smoothly instead of stopping abruptly. Before that comes the step of switching on the engine of the motorcycle. You should consider yourself lucky to be learning motorcycling in an era when self-start motorcycles are so common. Otherwise, you would have been kicking to start your motorcycle like the men you saw in the past. Today you can zoom on a motorcycle in seconds by just pressing the electric start button on the handle of your motorcycle.  

Get Some Training to Boost Your Confidence

Riding a motorcycle can be a very thrilling, rewarding, and liberating experience for a girl, especially if she has never enjoyed it on road herself. Sitting behind your boyfriend and clutching him with your hands is another thing and feeling the adrenaline rush as you rev up the throttle  But before you can realize your dream of riding a dirt bike on the road, it is prudent to find a training school where motorcycle training for women is given. No matter what the level of your confidence, it is necessary to get some training from an instructor to drive confidently on the streets. Besides getting hands-on knowledge about driving and the rules of traffic, you also learn how to drive safely and stay away from accidents on the road. With a certificate in your hand, you feel confident and ready to take on the world as you take your motorcycle on the road. Most women find shifting gears with their feet a little difficult while they grasp the concept of clutch, brakes, and accelerator pretty easily. 

Learning how to ride a motorcycle and getting trained with a certificate is very important if you want to ride a motorcycle on roads. Do not try to learn motorcycle riding from a friend or by watching YouTube videos. It is always a good idea to find a reputed training college in your area as they teach you everything about riding in a systematic manner. This detailed training from a certified instructor keeps you in good stead in the traffic and enables you to take the right decision at the right time to avert mishaps.

Buy the Right Gear

Once you decide to ride a motorcycle, you have to buy protective gear to remain protected on the road. A full-face helmet is the most important safety gear for women desirous of riding a motorcycle. Severe head injuries can take place when riding a motorcycle if you are not wearing a good-quality helmet to cover your head. You must forget your hairstyle for a while if you want to get the thrill and excitement of riding a motorcycle. Your safety is paramount when riding a motorcycle. Buy a good-quality helmet that fits your head nicely. Another important thing to remember when riding a motorcycle is to wear shoes that cover your feet completely. You need to put your feet on the road whenever your motorcycle comes to a standstill. Also, you apply pressure with your feet to use the brakes and also to shift the gears of the motorcycle. Forget your fancy high-heeled sandals or flip-flops as you must wear proper shoes to ride a motorcycle comfortably. Another accessory that protects your hands from bruises is leather gloves. Wearing gloves when riding a motorcycle also makes you feel good and confident. 

Always wear tight-fitting clothes when riding a motorcycle on the road. You have to cross your leg over the motorcycle to sit on it properly and prevent an accident from happening. This movement is not feasible when wearing a dress. The best clothing for women when riding a motorcycle on the road is either jeans or leather trousers. Your leg movements become swift and fabric does not hamper your riding. Riding a motorcycle with the proper gear is good not just for your comfort but also to avoid accidents on the road.

Know the Basics of Your Bike

When you are using a motorcycle, you should have a basic understanding of its important parts such as gears, clutch, accelerator, side stand, and so on. Also, you need to check if the motorcycle has sufficient fuel inside the tank when taking it out. You also need to check if the tire pressure feels OK or not. If tire pressure is low, you can experience trouble riding the motorcycle. By knowing about the basic parts of your motorcycle, you will be able to identify the problem and rectify it so that you will not be stranded on the roadside. These things also help you in the maintenance of your vehicle. Finally, have the phone number of a reliable mechanic on your smartphone whenever taking your motorcycle out on the road. 

Riding a motorcycle as a girl can be a thrilling and exciting experience. Riding a bike is not a difficult task and you can do it easily provided you have learned motorcycle riding from a certified driving school. Ensure your safety when riding a motorcycle on the road by wearing proper gear including a helmet and gloves. Follow the traffic rules and ride at a speed that is not too high. 

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.