6 Defensive Driving Tips To Avoid A Car Accident

Vehicles driving down highway seen through the side view mirror of a white sportscar.

While on the road, you’re in charge of your actions. Moving around with others while driving on the road can be challenging. It’s essential to learn how to perform defensive driving to ensure that you’re always safe. 

Vehicular accidents often occur, usually on highways. The troubling aspect of road accidents is that most are preventable. Always remember that prevention is the initial step in ensuring your safety and the welfare of others. Once you observe safety precautions and maintain focus while on the road, it can lower the risk of accidents. In case an accident occurs, it pays to learn more about the best action to take from sites such as this resource.

When you’re on the road, it’s vital to be mindful of other drivers. Being aware of others on the road and your surroundings impacts your chances of an accident. Below, check out several defensive driving tips to avoid accidents. 

1. Don’t Drive If Impaired

Driving is a task that requires alertness and a clear head. If you’ve been drinking alcohol, using drugs, or lacking sleep, it’s best to avoid driving. Depending on where you reside, you can end up with a sentence for drunk driving if your blood alcohol level reaches a specific limit.  

Sleep deprivation is also a leading cause of non-alcohol-related accidents on the road. It’s strikingly the same as impairment from alcohol or drugs. Make sure that you get between seven to eight hours of sleep in a day. Getting enough sleep is crucial and improves your ability to respond to dangerous situations.  

2. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings  

One of the critical defensive driving skills you need is to have an awareness of your surroundings. Focus on what is directly in front, far down the road, and side to side while driving. Glance on your rear every now and then to check what’s happening around you. Observe erratic drivers and try to predict what they’re going to do. Watch out for slow traffic to ensure that you’ll not bump into other drivers.  

Watch out for any intersections on the way and steer clear from any highway construction. Take note that driving on the road is all about assessing every potential situation you’re facing. Anticipate potential hazards and try to respond as fast as you can. 

3. Maintain A Reasonable Distance While Driving

While on the road, one of the principles of safe driving is to maintain a reasonable distance. It would be best if you keep a gap between you and other drivers. In case an accident occurs, the proper spacing will allow you to brake and give your vehicle space to stop.  

During a city drive, it’s best to be two to three cars away from the one in front of you. If you drive on a highway, you should have at least two to three seconds worth of distance.  

4. Avoid Distractions 

One of the usual causes of accidents on the road is distracted driving. With this in mind, it’s crucial to focus on driving. Once you focus on something else, it can put you at higher risk of a crash.

While you’re behind the wheel, avoid using your phone to text or call. You should also avoid talking with your passengers or search for something in the vehicle. If possible, don’t drink or eat while driving. 

5. Utilize The Safety Devices In Your Vehicle 

As part of defensive driving, you must consider that every vehicle has a set of car safety devices. These will help reduce potential harm in case an accident occurs. Make sure that you and your passengers will utilize these safety devices whenever necessary. Seat belts, for one, are essential during every drive.

When small children are riding along, make sure to secure them in the baby seats at all times. The latest vehicles usually have extra safety gear, such as airbags and an anti-lock braking system (ABS). It would be best if you learn how to effectively use these safety devices to ensure safety at all times.  

6. Follow The Law 

A critical defensive driving tip is to follow the law at all times strictly.

Make sure that you stay within the speed limit. Always watch your blind spots and follow what the signs tell you to do. While driving, use your headlights properly. Don’t forget to activate your turn signals while driving.  


One way to stay safe while on the road is to drive properly at all times. With the help of these defensive driving tips, it will keep you and everyone safe. Proper driving while on the road or highway can lower the chances of accidents along the way.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.