EpicVIN announces a new tool to look up license plate histories and more for consumers purchasing used cars

EpicVIN announces the release of a new license plate lookup tool intended to help consumers become more informed in the used car purchasing process.  

This feature is easy to use and provides a wealth of information about a used vehicle. The customer can then use this information to ensure an informed purchase. The more empowered consumers are when purchasing a used car, the more likely it is that they will choose a vehicle that is right for their budget and lifestyle. 

The process is an easy one. Consumers visit the EpicVIN website and enter the license plate number directly on the platform. They will then receive a detailed report that includes information on the history of the vehicle.

The information included in the report is extensive. It includes prior sales records, title and registration information, number of previous owners, previous accidents, major repairs, mileage and more. If the car has been designated as a “lemon” by the state, this information will also be included in the report. 

This feature empowers used car customers to purchase vehicles that are properly priced according to their value. Moreover, it ensures that consumers are not unknowingly participating in the purchase of a stolen vehicle. Since there are so many aspects of the used car industry that remain unknown to consumers, EpicVIN levels the playing field. 

EpicVIN has a reputation in the auto industry for providing customers with detailed information about used cars to help implement integrity in this process. Since 2012, the company has built a reputation of transparency and accuracy in the reports it generates for consumers.

EpicVIN is a National Motor Vehicle Title Information System partner, which means that it receives the most updated information on all vehicles listed in the database.

The Best Vin Decoder website notes that the fast and timely information provided by the EpicVIN website helps customers to make informed decisions on used vehicle purchases. In addition to underscoring the informative nature of the website, Best Vin Decoder also notes that EpicVIN reports provide “auto auction information with free pictures when available.”

The comprehensive nature of EpicVIN reports is just one of the many ways the company delivers on its promise to help consumers become more informed about the vehicle purchasing process. Looking up the license plate of a used vehicle is the first step in a safe and fair sale. This tool protects consumers when making a major used car purchase and arms them with information to choose the vehicle that is right for them.

EpicVIN understands that purchasing a vehicle can be complex, especially when the vehicle in question has so many unknowns. The license plate lookup tool is just one more way to become a more informed consumer.

For more information on the EpicVIN license plate lookup tool or to use the feature, visit  https://epicvin.com/. 

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