The 5 Best Ford Trucks Of All Time

Ford trucks are among some of the best-selling trucks of all time and for so many undeniable reasons. And while trucks have been on the market for over a century, Ford has always been a leading brand. Trucks are the go-to vehicle for hauling equipment as their primary purpose. However, over the decades, they have also become something of an admirable status symbol, with some newer models owning the market in terms of value, exceptional durability, and for quite a few other reasons too. However, some Ford truck models are also collector cars for their vintage value. So, whether you are looking for the newest Ford truck to invest in, or you’re after a vintage Ford truck that holds the most value on the market, these are the top five Ford trucks of all time. 

1948 Ford F1

The 1948 Ford F1 truck showcases an uncanny design and upholds its title as the very first of its kind in history. This pickup truck sparked the carmaker to continue creating vehicles that are significantly more work-friendly and versatile. After WW2, the U.S economy was at an all-time high, which may also have influenced that high sales for the F1. This pickup truck is only available in manual transmission, although it provides a substantial 100 horsepower, which is impressive for a 239 flathead V8 engine. The F1 has earned its spot as a valuable vintage pickup truck in today’s classic car market. The Ford F-150 is also one of the best-rated used trucks to buy

1972 Ford F-Series Trucks

The F-series Ford pickup trucks were trendy back in their day, as they showcased more of a modern and sleek design, taking control of the day’s market back then. However, the 1972 model is the most valuable today as this pickup has a lot more horsepower than others of its kind. When investing in a classic F-series pickup truck, be sure to find a retailer of authentic 1972 ford truck parts, especially if you are restoring your classic car back to its original glory. 

1986 Ford-150

This pickup truck model is a valuable find for any classic car buyer, as one that genuinely holds a retro vibe. The pickup truck has an impressive design entirely complimentary of the muscle cars that owned the show back in the 80s. The old-school pickup truck is quite valuable today, especially if it’s in mint condition. What’s more, when restored, this vehicle has the potential to become a super classic truck in the near future. Therefore, classic car collectors should consider getting their hands on this specific model as the value will likely increase over the years. 

2009 Ford F-450 Harley-Davidson

Even though the F-450 Harley-Davidson pickup is no classic car, it’s an excellent choice for car buyers looking for a reliable pickup truck with enough power to haul even large trailers. There’s no denying the highly stylish design of this pickup, and even though it is not a classic pickup, there’s no doubt it will go down in history as one of the best Ford trucks of all time as the years go on. What makes this pickup stand out is that it genuinely is the pinnacle of an all-purpose vehicle as it’s so much more than a mere truck; the luxury interior and performance of the truck are undeniably outstanding. 

2020 Ford F-150 Super Snake

Most Ford fans were wondering what Ford would bring out next that would outshine the glory of the 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor and were undeniably impressed at the release of the F-150 Super Snake. This pickup truck definitely owns the show and could be considered a supercharged GT500 encapsulated in the body of the F-150 truck. The performance and power of this truck are incredible, and the luxury interior makes it so much more than a regular pickup. Undoubtedly, investing in one of these models will take your traveling and work-related tasks to a whole new level. If it’s status and luxury you’re looking for in a new model truck, then the Super Snake is definitely for you. 

There are tons of other great Ford pickup trucks on the market. However, if you’re purchasing a classic pickup to start or add to your collection, it is vital to find authentic parts for maintenance and care of your classic vehicle. On the other hand, a new model Ford truck won’t require all the extra love and care as you will likely have a maintenance plan available with your auto dealer to keep your truck in top condition.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.