What Happens When You Get Arrested for Driving Under the Influence

Getting arrested for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI) can be a scary experience for first-time violators. While car accidents are one of the leading causes of death globally, in the United States, around 29 people are fatally injured daily due to drunk driving. The punishment for DUI may vary from state to state, but the consequences can significantly affect your life. It is vital that you fully understand the repercussions of driving under the influence so that you can avoid getting involved in this undesirable situation.  

Taken into custody

If you are arrested for driving under the influence, the police officers will take you to the nearest jail or police station, where they will get your photo and fingerprints. Depending on the state, you might be released after posting bail, but you will likely spend a few days detained in jail. 

Summoned to appear in court

During your arrest, you will be given a ticket that includes the details of your court hearing. It is important that you show up on the assigned date to prevent your charges from escalating. 

Suspension of your driver’s license

Once arrested, your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. Some states will allow you to get a hardship license or a temporary permit, which will enable you to drive to certain places. However, if you declined a breath or chemical test during your arrest, your driver’s license might be suspended for a longer period. 

Need to pay fees and fines

If you are convicted, you need to pay fines as part of your sentence. The amount differs in each state where the violation occurred. There is also a possibility that your penalties will increase due to some DUI enhancement factors. Some of these factors include child endangerment, a prior conviction of DUI, damage to property, bodily injury, refusal to take a breath test, and high blood-alcohol levels. 

Your car insurance rates will increase

If you have a DUI violation, expect that your insurance provider will increase your premium rates. For insurance companies, drivers convicted of DUI can potentially cost them more money. In some cases, some of these insurance providers will cancel a policy after you get convicted for multiple DUI violations. 

Required to undergo an evaluation

To restore your driving privileges, you will need to complete an alcohol and drug assessment program. A trained counselor will be assigned to you, and he will determine if you have an alcohol and substance disorder.  

Probation or jail time

While some people might assume that first-time DUI violators will only get probation or sentenced to community service, in some states, jail time is mandatory even for first-time DUI violators. 

Certain aspects of your arrest could also affect the duration of your jail time, and if you failed to satisfy your probation terms, you might be serving a longer jail time. It is essential that you get assistance from a dedicated attorney that will help you with your case. If you are located in Illinois, you can hire a DUI Lawyer in Chicago to guide you throughout the process. 

Driving under the influence is a serious violation that should not be taken lightly. It is vital that you know the consequences of this offense and how to avoid getting convicted.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.