When Should You Contact A Truck Accident Attorney?

Fifth wheel RV overturned on highway with wench truck trying to get it off the road and two semis parked nearby and traffic cones keeping traffic away

The worst accident on the road is that involving a truck. Truck accidents are devastating and result in major injuries and sometimes even death. The worst part is that the victims of such accidents feel like they have to deal with the consequences such as medical bills, injuries, legal proceedings, and questioning all on their own.

However, that does not have to be true. If you ever get in a truck accident, you can contact a lawyer who will guide you through the legal proceedings and process. Hiring a truck accident attorney to fight your case drastically increases your chances of getting your truck accident claim and winning the case. Here are a few questions you may ask yourself before contacting an accident attorney.

At what time did the truck accident occur?

The first thing you should do after getting into a truck accident is contacting an experienced and trustworthy truck accident lawyer. Why is that? Because the sooner you discuss your case with them, the quicker they can figure out if your claim is feasible and viable, help you calculate the amount of compensation you should put forward, and start the legal process by collecting important information that will strengthen your stance such as witness’s account, traffic footage, truck driver’s details. If you delay contacting your attorney, valuable information and evidence may be lost, and you will not get the compensation.

Has the insurance company offered you any settlement?

Soon after the truck accident, you will surely receive calls from the insurance company. Once someone files an accident report, the truck driver’s insurance company will contact you and offer you a settlement. However, most of the time, these offers are too few and do not provide you with enough money to cover all your medical costs and other accident costs.

Do not rush and accept things. Contact an experienced truck accident lawyer who will help you determine the total costs you will have to face and will help you calculate the right amount of compensation you deserve.

The attorney will also free you of the responsibility of talking to the insurance company. The truck driver’s insurance company will try its best to lower your complaint or may even deny it. Their goal is to pay you the least amount of money possible. A truck accident attorney has experience in such matters and will handle all the communication to ensure that you do not say something that may decrease the liability of your claim and negatively affect your case.

The Phoenix truck accident lawyers take care of the negotiation and legal process. They guide you regarding the time of the trial. In some cases, the insurance company might not play by the rules, and in such conditions, the lawyers will help you fight for the compensation you deserve. The lawyers will take care of the litigation proceedings and make sure you are ready for the trial.

Your attorney will also help you determine the settlement amount. The attorneys have experience of dealing with such cases and know by looking at the accident, how any expenses you will have to face. This will help you decide whether you want to accept the settlement offered by the insurance company or you want to press for more money.

What steps should you take after the truck accident?

Following a truck accident, there are some steps that you should immediately take in order to ensure your safety and to protect your legal rights. These include:

1) Contact the police

Immediately contact 911 for help and let them know where you are.

2) Seek medical help

Truck accidents can lead to multiple injuries that may prove to be fatal. Once you are in a position to move, you should immediately rush to get medical aid even if you think you haven’t sustained any injuries. Some injuries might not show at the moment but become a problem for you in the future. The medical professionals and staff will verify and confirm whether you have any hidden injuries or not. They will also provide you with the medical treatment you require and document your injuries which will help you claim your compensation amount.

3) Collect evidence

Take photos and make videos of the accident scene, the weather condition, the party involved, the vehicles involved, the surrounding areas, the road conditions, as well as pictures of your injuries.

4) Do not go online

Do not post anything about the accident on your social media accounts, as this may affect your case in the future and decrease the liability of your case. The information you put up there can be traced and found by the insurance company and can be used against you any time in the future.

5) Note down witness contact information

Look around for witnesses and record their phone numbers or other contact information. If you do not do this on time, valuable information and evidence in the form of witness accounts can be lost as some witnesses may forget the details of the accident. Your attorney will also try to obtain police reports, video footage from nearby stores and shops, and witness statements.

How serious are truck accidents

Truck accidents can lead to devastating and horrific injuries that may be fatal. Truck accidents can be very serious and may require immediate medical treatment and rehabilitation aid. This means that the recovery period may belong. How serious are truck accidents?

Some of the injuries caused by truck accidents include spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, broken bones, fractures, severe bruises, brain injuries, paralysis, organ damage, internal bleeding, and even amputated limbs. You should tell your attorney about all the injuries you have faced so that they can determine how much treatment you need and what compensation amount you should claim.

In a nutshell

If you get into a truck accident, you should contact an attorney right away. Your attorney will start preparing your case and gathering important information and evidence. Dealing with a truck accident alone can be confusing, stressful, overwhelming, and painful. You do not have to be alone in your fight.

A truck accident attorney can fight for your justice, help you get your compensation, and provide legal assistance. If you ever get in a truck accident, do not wait for the situation to worsen. Contact a trustworthy and experienced attorney right away.

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