6 Good Ways To Upgrade Your Garage

Having your own garage is certainly an amazing advantage, and what’s even better is when it is properly structured and organized. That’s truly a sight for sore eyes. Now, is it the easiest task in the world?

Definitely not! Far from it, especially if you’ve been postponing it for a while and things have piled up in the meantime, however, it doesn’t mean that you should immediately give up on it. Instead, you should find a way to make things much more organized.

If you do so, you’ll be able to find things much faster. So if we’ve managed to convince you to take some time and organize and upgrade your garage, but you’re still not sure where to start, then scroll below and you’ll uncover some spectacular strategies.

Excellent Ways You Can Enhance Your Garage

Wall Shelving

One of the best things you can do during this interesting journey where you are turning your garage into a heavenly place is to apply shelving to the walls. Namely, this is a spectacular way to move things out from the open floor and directly onto a vertical structure that is going to expand the use of the square footage.

Now, in this case, there are a couple of options at your disposal. You can either try out wire shelving that seals up straight onto your walls, or you can also choose freestanding shelving units that you can but up straight against your walls. Both of these options are generally good.

Opt For Containment Mats

It doesn’t matter whether you have an older car, or you just bought a brand-new one, protecting your vehicle from any damage must be one of your priorities. Besides that, you should also focus on protecting your garage from various things, such as oil spillage or snow.

So, what are you supposed to do then? You should purchase something that is going to protect your garage floor and one of the best things for this purpose is the garage floor containment mat. How can you benefit from it?

With this mat, you will be able to combat numerous things, like snow, ice, oil spillage, and water. Most garage floor mats are made out of polyester and vinyl, which means that these materials have spectacular resistance capabilities when it comes to harmful chemicals on the floor and water as well.

What Else Is Worth Considering?


It is highly likely that your current garage is illuminated by one bare bulb overhead. This is not the best solution in the world since it’s not going to create a good atmosphere recommended for cozy working or living for that matter.

That’s why you should consider replacing the electric light with a couple of fixtures, and also include lighting that was made for your own, personal needs. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to bring in more natural daylight. How can you accomplish this? 

  1. Install at least one window in the wall
  2. Place a light tube or skylight
  3. If you must replace the garage door, then you should pick a brand-new design that normally involves windows or is made out of glass. Accessorize with shades or curtains.

Upgrade The Landscape

Generally speaking, landscaping plays a major role in how a certain house or building is perceived. The same rule applies to your garage, hence you should frame it nicely on both sides, with either some flower beds or bushes.

On the other hand, if pavement surrounds your garage, then you could always add some tubs, window boxes, planters, or any other tiny accents. Proper landscaping can truly hide various since and make the entire structure look much more appealing and inviting, plus it’s not going to cost you a bunch of cash.

Hooks For Power Tools

This is another outstanding way to make the most out of the wall space. Generally speaking, these hooks are affixed straight onto 2×4 studs. Normally, larger hooks come with some type of protection that covers over the actual metal and enables you to hang and mount all your power tools without causing any damage.


Another great way to upgrade your garage is by having insulation. You can apply it to the garage walls before you hung the drywall. Then you should calk any gaps or holes in the walls. Definitely, the most crucial place to insulate is the garage doors, by utilizing the flexible batt, reflective rolls or boards, or stiff polystyrene foam board.

Fortunately, this isn’t a very difficult thing to do. There are many instructions you can find online, or you can even purchase prepackaged insulation kits. Bear in mind, since insulation adds a certain weight to your door, make sure to stay safe.

Have it adjusted and checked and if you need any additional help, make sure to hire a garage door professional. This way you can be sure everything was done the right way.

Update The Trim

There are a lot of parts to trim in your garage. Trim does so many things. It completes the run of siding, and also frames the garage doors, and develops a surface for the doors to move against.

Precisely because of this movement, garage trim frequently looks very corny, long before the exterior does. When it comes to price, door trim costs around one hundred and fifty US dollars to install. Furthermore, pick a color for the trim that is going to make your doors look unique and stand out. This way you will definitely make a huge, positive statement. 

Overhead Air Compressor

Another great way to both upgrade and organize your garage is by extending the ceiling space. If by any chance you have an air compressor, you should move it out so it doesn’t take up valuable floor space and then place it onto the ceiling.

This is going to free up your space and will make things much simpler. By doing this step, you will be able to pull the hose all across your garage without worrying about potential obstacles and issues.

The garage is definitely an extremely useful space. Some people use it for their vehicles only, while others for storage. That’s precisely why you need to upgrade it if you want to ensure everything stays secured and maintained. With these tips, you’ll accomplish it very quickly.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.