Top Car Maintenance Tips

Cars are complex. There are hundreds of different things that could go wrong, from the engine failing to start, a radiator pipe bursting, or a tire deflating. It can get confusing and difficult trying to stay on top of your car maintenance, but it’s essential if you want your vehicle to last a long time.

You may not be much of a car expert, but you don’t need to be! You can keep your car in good shape without needing the knowledge of a mechanic by following the top tips below. 

Keep Your Car Clean

It’s easy to let the months slip by and completely forget to wash your vehicle. But by doing so, you’re allowing dirt and dust to build up on your car’s exterior. All you need is a bucket full of hot water and soap or car washing solution to give it a good clean. You can also get snow foam for cars, which is a powerful solution that adds a thin layer of foam to your car. It removes dirt and grit without you needing to scrub your car’s paintwork with a sponge.

Change the Brake Pads

Having worn-out brake pads can increase your risk of having a road traffic accident, so keep an eye on how your breaks feel. If you find yourself having to press harder on the brake pedal in order to low your car down, you might need to get the pads replaced. This might be a job to outsource to a more experienced friend or a professional mechanic, but if you can do it yourself, you’re going to save money. You can buy brake pads for a relatively cheap price and get them changed before you run into any problems.

Oil Change

This is one of the easiest car maintenance jobs you can do, so you’ll be able to get this done no matter what level of expertise you have. Most cars require an oil change after around 10,000 miles, but if it’s an older model, you may want to check the oil levels after around 8,000 miles just to be safe.

Top Up the Windscreen Wash

If you’re driving with a dirty screen and you try to clean it with your windscreen wipers, you’re going to have a tough time if there’s no screen washer liquid in your vehicle! Take just a few seconds each month to lift your car’s bonnet and check whether or not the windscreen wash bottle needs refilling. You may need to top up more often if the weather conditions are particularly bad where you live.

Check Your Tyres

You should always check your tyre pressures and pump them up if necessary. If your tyres are the wrong pressure, they can wear out more quickly and may affect the way your vehicle drives. If you spot a flat tyre, it may be due to a nail or screw that has punctured the rubber. If this occurs, you may need to repump the tyre or replace it altogether. Different car models require unique tyre sizes, so also make sure to double-check that your tyres meet the minimum legal tread depth for your vehicle.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.