Is now the right time for you to buy a car?

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Whether you’ve been thinking of getting your own car for a while or the idea has just recently popped into your head, it can be difficult to decide if now is really the right time. With so many factors to consider, it’s all too tempting to put off making the decision for a later date. But if now really is the right time, waiting too long can make life more inconvenient than it has to be. This blog will walk you through some factors you should consider before deciding to take the plunge and buy a car.

Frequency of use

If you’re currently taking two buses and a train to get to work every day, buying a car could make your commute a lot quicker and easier. Even if you aren’t travelling very far to get to work and don’t plan to use your car on the weekends, getting a car with pay per mile car insurance can still be economical in the long run. However, if you only need to visit your office once a week and usually visit local shops on your days off, getting a car probably isn’t essential. It might be nice to have one to take a road trip once in a while, but for rarer occasions like this, you’re better off hiring a vehicle.

Where you live

People who live in the centres of bustling cities are unlikely to need a car. Driving around in traffic is going to cost you more time and money than hopping on a tram or walking an extra 15 minutes down the road. But people who live in rural areas with only one bus every few hours might find it hard to do simple things like grocery shopping. Think about how hard it is to get around and whether you really need a car or you just think it would be nice to have one.


Some families can get by with just one car, whereas others require two. Do you and your partner tend to go to most places together? Or do your work schedules make it difficult to share the car? Things get even more complicated if you have children to pick up from school. If your family is growing or you’re struggling to get by with just one vehicle, it could be time to get a car for yourself.


One of the most important things that will determine whether you should buy a car now or not is your financial situation. If you’ve just committed to getting a mortgage or have recently lost your job, you might be tightening your hold on your wallet. You should also have some savings set aside even after buying your car just in case you need to cover some expensive repairs further down the line.

Deciding whether to buy a car in the near future is a very personal decision, so make sure you think about it carefully before spending your hard-earned cash.


Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.