How to Make More Money as a Car Salesman

Young couple shaking hands with sales agent after a successful car buying.

When working as a car salesman, it is likely that you are working on commission, meaning that the more cars that you sell, the more money you make. Nonetheless, it’s not only about the number of cars you sell, but also the type. That’s why you should be doing everything in your power not only to sell as many cars as possible but also to try and convince potential customers about extras and modifications that will have them paying extra and more money resulting in your pocket. If you are interested in learning more, then it is recommended to read the guide that has been created for your pleasure below. Take a look below in order to get the complete overview. 

Create a Referral Program 

One of the smartest ways you can sell more cars as a car salesman is by creating a referral program. This is where you tell people after you have sold them a car that if they recommend a friend to you and they buy a car, they will get a fee of any sale you have made. This means that your car dealership will spread its wings further thanks to the power of word of mouth, meaning more sales for you. 

Be Personal 

When you are selling a car, you should always be opting for the personal touch and do whatever you can to understand the customer experience. This is because people want to have the feeling that they are being personally catered to when they make such a big decision as buying a car. The customer should feel like their views and their desires are always being respected — if you are able to create the right environment for them, you should definitely be able to sell them the car of their dreams. 

Sell Extra Protection

When people are buying a particular car, they want to make sure that they are as safe as possible. That’s why you should be pushing as many extra protections for your car as possible. For example, you can sell your clients windshield chip protection or tire protection at an extra cost, meaning that if they do buy this, it will result in more money in terms of the commissions that you make. It’s worth preparing properly regarding the way that you talk about the protections that each particular car needs, so when you are finally talking to a potential client they will be fully understanding about what they might need when it comes to finally buying a car. 

Offer Alternatives 

Due to the global supply chain crisis, people are turning up at car dealerships only to find that the car that they want is simply not available. This shouldn’t be a cause for concern, but actually a chance to be creative in your sales approach. When the customer comes and can’t find the car they want, it will be up to you to find a similar model that they can also buy. While it might be less than the car that they originally wanted, it’s always better to make some kind of sale then no sale at all! 

Don’t Waste Your Time on Indecisive People

While some people turn up at car dealerships with the express aim of leaving with a car at the end of the day, there are also people who like to simply browse and may come back later. If you spend too much time with indecisive people who won’t actually buy a car after a long consultation, you are in effect wasting money that you could’ve been spending with people who actually want to buy a car. 

You should be able to figure out who is serious and who is just browsing by their tone. Once you have mastered this skill you can simply give the indecisive people at your car dealership your business card before moving on to talking and disclosing the used car rule with those who have the desire to end their trip by actually making a purchase. 


It has been the aim of this guide to help you in your mission as a car salesman to make as much money as possible. This not only involves making sure that you make as many sales as possible, but that you can also convince customers to make more expensive purchases and to purchase as many add-ons as possible. This guide has only given a glimpse of the opportunities that are available, meaning that you should also be doing your own research to find more ways to become a successful car salesman.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.