Beware! These Are the Worst Drivers and Here’s Why

There’s no doubt that driving is an essential skill to learn. Knowing how to drive from A to B can prove very helpful not just because you need to get there. But it is also because of the freedom that you get; to be able to pull your car out of the garage at any time, and power on.

However, like many other things, driving isn’t meant for everybody. Take the small example of the car accident statistics by state. Anyone can say that they can drive, but these numbers show that so many shouldn’t even be allowed to touch a steering wheel.

So, who are these drivers exactly? Well, they possess a certain set of skills or a lack thereof. The following are the worst drivers and here’s why.

The Worst Drivers You’ll Find on The Road

You are warned to give way to the following drivers:


Tailgating is of two types. There’s the one that you do before football games in the stadium’s parking lot. Then there’s the one in which a driver comes up right behind your tailgate so that you give way. While the former is a great time, the latter can result in a huge accident.

If you encounter a tailgater, do let them pass before they ruin your vehicle’s bumper, tailgate, or trunk lid. Some people tend to brake just to let these tailgaters have it. As good as this sounds, it isn’t recommended.

Overspeeding Enthusiasts

There’s a popular saying that “speed thrills but kills” and it’s true, unfortunately. Most of the accidents on our roadways could be reduced if we put a stop to overspeeding. Over-speeders are known for ignoring all speed limits and driving as fast as they can.

This can be due to a habit of driving quickly; sports car drivers are usually guilty of this. Other than that, drivers can be occasionally in a hurry due to some sort of emergency or because they’re late. As a result, many can end up losing control of their cars. Make sure you change lanes carefully.

Distracted Drivers

With the arrival of the smartphone, many drivers have turned into multitaskers. It isn’t uncommon to see drivers being distracted on their phones; making phone calls, watching videos, or the worst: texting. You’ll find some motorists eating as they go along, which is still less dangerous but isn’t recommended.

There are also those who like to drive with their AirPods on. Playing music in a car is fine and it definitely sets a mood for long journeys. But it is better to use the car’s speakers than to plug in a bunch of headphones so that you cannot hear anything else. Identify such motorists and keep away from them.

Careless Mergers

Lane changing is an art form, especially on a busy freeway. Many people know how to drive but they’re uneducated on how to change lanes properly. There are those who don’t use their indicators properly or at all. Then there are the ones who just cut through a bunch of lanes at once.

This is a serious case on highways where drivers become late in identifying the upcoming exit. So, instead of driving along and getting off the next exit, they cut through and disturb the oncoming traffic in slower lanes. This can be fatal especially if there are more large trucks in the way.

High or No Beamers

The title of this paragraph suggests two cases: those who don’t turn on their headlamps at all, and those who use high beams. The first case can be dangerous because you won’t see these drivers coming. Both of their headlights and taillights will be turned off during nighttime.

High beamers are dangerous because they’ll show up like a flash grenade. Not only do they blind the drivers on the opposite side of the road. But they can also ruin your visibility when they come up behind you with their bright lights. These light rays are further enhanced from your vehicle’s mirrors.


We’ve just discussed the people who change lanes like madmen. But what about those who won’t budge from their lanes? You’ve obviously encountered many who hogg the middle or fast lanes while driving at an excruciatingly slow speed. This can interrupt the flow of traffic and cause accidents.

Bad Brakers

Knowing when to brake is an essential part of driving. Also important is how much braking you need to apply in the given situation. Those drivers who cannot do one or both of the aforementioned are to be avoided. They will have someone ram into the back of their cars at some point.

Signal Breakers

You’ll find many drivers in a hurry on the road. They can be overspeeding and/or tailgating, along with merging lanes quickly. This impatience gets to the extreme when they start breaking traffic signals. This means to run a red light and it can cause havoc in the intersection.

Traffic Blockers

There’s a section of drivers that don’t give way to others. They might not let you merge into their lanes or they might hog the lane so you’re unable to turn into the perpendicular roadway. They might also make it difficult for you to get a U-turn.

Slow Drivers

Last but not the least, slow drivers are almost as pesky as fast ones. They’re obviously those who slow down to look at accidents, not caring about the influx of vehicles behind them. Then there are those who drive slowly when the traffic light turns green, hogging all of its running time.


The aforementioned drivers are guilty of endangering themselves and others. For you to remain safe while dealing with them, it is important that you give way to them or steer clear of them. Drivers who drive under the influence also fall under distracted driving and are a much darker story.

Regardless, several of the habits mentioned above are criminal offenses. If you too have any of these flaws in your driving, do correct them as well. It is our responsibility to prevent crashes and educate the masses on driving safer.