5 Professionals You Need To See After A Car Crash

Female Motorist Involved In Car Accident Calling Insurance Company Or Recovery Service

Getting involved in a car crash can be a knuckle-biting experience for any motorist—regardless of whether the accident is considered major or minor. 

Many car crashes happen without the collision of another driver but with an individual’s own vehicle hitting a stationary object or property. These incidences can be bumping poles or driving into a wall or tree. 

Nonetheless, if you find yourself in an accident with another car, you’ll need to know the list of people to get in touch with as part of accident protocol. Fortunately, there are experts who are trained to help you in this stressful scenario. 

Here are the professionals you need to see after a car crash: 

  • Primary Care Physician

The type of doctor you’ll need to visit depends on the seriousness of any injury you may have sustained. Even for slight fender-bender crashes that may only leave you with minor bruises, it’s advisable that you see your primary care physician. 

It’s necessary to check if you have any internal injuries that you might not be aware of. As such, you should monitor how the crash may have affected your health. 

Many brain and neurological issues caused by car collisions can appear weeks or months later. In this case, seeing a general doctor will aid in detecting danger and acting fast before it becomes worse. Your doctor could then refer you to see a specialist 

If you’ve gotten significantly hurt after an accident, then you’ll need to be rushed in to see an Emergency Room doctor. Timing is crucial in this instance to save you from possible life-threatening injuries. 

  • Car Accident Lawyer

If you’ve decided to open a case for compensation from the other crash victim, then you’ll need to see a car accident lawyer. A consultation with your lawyer will demystify the entire legal process after the crash. Find more info here.

Also known as a personal injury lawyer, a car accident lawyer helps victims gather evidence to make personal injuries claim. This is mostly in the circumstances where a car crash was caused by reckless behavior from one of the drivers. 

This type of lawyer will be your best defense if the other driver tries to pin the collision on you to take responsibility. They will also help in the matter of your insurer refusing to claim, or they don’t offer the adequate amount needed to repair car damage. 

  • Car Insurance Company 

It’s the inevitable step that every car accident victim must do, call and see your car insurance company. This is so that you can begin to file a claim for the vehicles involved. 

While still at the accident scene, you’ll need to exchange contact details with the person you collided with. Don’t forget to ask for the details of their car insurer too. 

After this, you’ll need to take evidence of the crash scene to better build up your case for the insurance agent who will inspect it. The insurance company will pay for damages you’ve caused to the other car or to your own car, depending on the type of coverage you have with them.

  • Law Enforcement 

In most states, it’s legally required to contact the police if you’ve been in a car accident. Some states need you to only report wreckage if it’s major, have caused serious injury, death, or vehicular damage up to a certain amount of money. 

In most cases, if you’re unsure of what to do, it’s best if you call 911 and wait for instructions. Law enforcement near you will likely ask for your identification for administrative procedures. Then they’re likely to ask you details about your location so they can dispatch a car to your area.  

If the police don’t show up to get to your location, then you can go to the nearest station and go file a report there. From here, you may need to call a relative if you’re unable to get to a police station.  Another option is to hitch a ride with the tow truck when it arrives to remove your vehicle. 

  • Psychologist   

Getting involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience for any motorist. This is why seeing a phycologist is ideal for keeping your mental health in check. 

A psychologist will be able to help you manage your emotions and teach you positive coping skills on how to pull through. They can also help you manage the stress that comes with the paperwork, payouts, and administrative headache that comes in the aftermath. 

Many drivers develop a fear of driving and being on the road after an accident, so therapy is needed to help them overcome this. Psychologists could use therapies that include behavioral therapies and reduce feelings of anxiety, flashbacks, and post-trauma stress. 


Road accidents are an unfortunate reality of vehicle usage and being on the roads. However, there is a way to overcome the incident if you take the necessary action.

The professionals who will be of most help are the ones whose services are related to paying for the damage and making you safe again. These are the trusted doctors, lawyers, insurers, and psychologists in your community. 

Go and see a doctor and psychologist take care of your health. Then seek the services of a lawyer and insurer to take care of the legal aspects. Knowing what steps to take and who to see can turn your misfortunate around and correct it.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.