The Reasons Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Buy a Tesla

This article lists and explains the reasons as to why you should and shouldn't own a Tesla car.

A Tesla is a very beautiful car. The electric car has four models: Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y, still in active production. The luxurious car brand has been around for over a decade and is popular amongst car enthusiasts due to its amazing specifications and features. Teslas are aesthetically pleasing due to their sleek lines. This article lists and explains the reasons as to why you should and shouldn’t own a Tesla car.

Why You Should Buy A Tesla

7-Day Return Policy

Tesla is the only car brand with a 7-day return policy. Because of this, Tesla cars models experience fast sales after launch. For example, model 3 sales hit around 439,000 units in 2020. You can return your newly purchased Tesla and get a full refund within seven days or 1,000 miles. Whether you purchase model X, model A, or model Y, you are guaranteed a refund. This is impossible with other random cars. The car instantly loses about 10% of its original value when you leave the dealer’s showroom.

Keyless Driving, Phone App

This certainly has to be one of the coolest features of the car, the fact you no longer need car keys. You could easily control everything from your phone. Ranging from the window, horn, trunk, frunk, and climate control system. These could all be done from your phone. With a Tesla, you get to track your vehicle by using your smartphone. The mobile app also offers a valet mode feature and a car charge status. 

Sentry Mode

The primary purpose of the Sentry Mode is to add a unique layer of protection to Tesla vehicles by constantly checking the environment when the car is left unattended. Sentry Mode goes into a “standby” state when this feature is enabled. Like home alarm systems, Tesla cars use their external cameras to detect potential threats.

Valet Mode

Almost all electric vehicles haven’t started offering a valet mode feature. Fortunately, Tesla offers a valet mode feature in their recent models.  This security mode provides limited access to your car’s operations when using a valet service. That said this feature can protect your privacy and ensure that nobody can use your Tesla car in its full functionality without your permission. 

The valet mode feature reduces your Tesla car’s acceleration by almost half and disables the autopilot. Due to the valet mode’s significant acceleration reduction, teaching a new driver how to drive a Tesla car is a lot easier. 

In addition, the valet mode gives you peace of mind when a loved one is driving your vehicle because it helps in preventing accidents caused by reckless driving and speeding. 

It’s also easy to activate, to enable the valet mode for the first-time, it would require for a PIN, but in the succeeding use it can be activated remotely through the Tesla app.

Superior Battery Technology

No other electric car brand has provided a similar or even better range in their electric vehicle than Tesla. Research has shown that the batteries of a Tesla can easily last up to 500,000 miles and 25 years without significant battery degradation. It is no news that Tesla is currently developing a battery that lasts a million miles.

With Tesla’s own battery technology and supply chain facility, their electric vehicles are highly favoured by interested consumers. The promising years of usage make an appealing reason why people should buy a Tesla car. As Tesla continuously conducts research and development, it’s not surprising to read more about battery technology enhancements in the near future.

Why You Shouldn’t Own A Tesla

Complicated to Own and Service

Unlike the regular gasoline-powered cars, where you do not have to worry about the location of gas stations or services because you are almost certain that everywhere you go, there are gas stations or dealers ready to attend to your car. Well, it is an entirely different ball game with a Teala. Before embarking on a trip, you need to carefully study where the charging stations are and if the area you travel to has certified Tesla service.

Roadside Service is Limited and Expensive

Tesla is a highly specific car brand. Roadside services are very limited and unavailable in many areas. You can only access them in major urban areas and along well-traveled interstate highways. Furthermore, roadside services wouldn’t offer you help if you run out of electricity.

No Spare Tire

This is true! Tesla cars come without a spare tire. This simply implies that if you end up getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, there is absolutely nothing you can do to salvage yourself. However, you could decide to buy a spare wheel and carry it in your trunk in case of emergencies. This doesn’t sit well with many consumers as it is believed that all cars must come with a spare tire or some kind of tire repair system. However, it looks like Tesla has a different opinion on this matter.

With the pros and cons listed, you will realize that Tesla cars are amazing and user-friendly. Although they have their shortcomings, they are still good to buy depending on your desires. If you can deal with the cons as they are mostly preventable and avoidable, you should not hesitate to buy one already.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.