6 Interesting Facts About Automotive Sports You Should Know

Automotive sports are thrilling to watch, and there is more to them than just fast cars going around in circles.

Have you ever enjoyed watching a car race on television or in person? Automotive sports are thrilling to watch, and there is more to them than just fast cars going around in circles. Here are six interesting facts about automotive sports that you should know.

1. Drifting Was Invented In Japan

Drifting is a popular technique in automotive sports where the driver intentionally oversteers, causing the car to slide sideways. While drifting has been around for decades, it didn’t become popular until the late 1990s when Japanese drivers started doing it in competitions. So who invented drifting, you may ask. The drifting technique was Kunimitsu Takahashi, a former Grand Prix motorcycle racer. Also known as the ‘father of drifting.’ These days, drifting is practiced worldwide and has even made its way into mainstream pop culture. 

2. Sports Cars Are Not That Expensive

You might think that only the wealthy can afford a sports car, but that’s not necessarily true. While high-end models from brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, there are plenty more affordable options. For example, the 2020 Toyota 86 has a starting price of just over $26,000. So, if you’ve ever dreamed of owning a sports car, it might be more within reach than you think.

3. They’re Not Just for the Track

While sports cars are often associated with racing, they don’t have to be confined to the track. Many models are designed for everyday driving, with features like comfortable seats and infotainment systems that make practical choices for your daily commute. Of course, if you want to take your car out on the track, most models are more than up for the challenge.

4. There’s More to NASCAR Than Just Left Turns

While NASCAR is often mocked for being “just left turns,” there’s a lot more to it. For one thing, NASCAR races can run on both oval and road courses, so there are plenty of right turns. Plus, with speeds reaching up to 200 mph, NASCAR is one of the most thrilling spectator sports. If you’ve never given NASCAR a chance, you might be surprised by how exciting it can be.

5. You Don’t Need a Special License to Race

To compete in most automotive sports, you’ll need a special racing license. However, that’s not the case with all of them. For example, all you need is a regular driver’s license for drag racing. So, if you’ve ever wanted to experience the thrill of racing, you might be able to do it without going through the hassle (and expense) of getting a special license.

6. There Are Female Racing Champions

While male drivers have traditionally dominated the world of automotive sports, there are plenty of female racing champions out there as well. One of the most successful Formula One drivers in history is a woman named Maria de Villota. She inspired many other women to pursue their dreams of becoming professional racers.

Whether you’re a gearhead or not, there’s plenty to be excited about in automotive sports. From the history of drifting to the success of female racing champions, there’s a lot to learn. So next time you’re watching a race or browsing through cars at your local dealership, keep these facts in mind, and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for the world of automotive sports.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.