Quick Guide to Motorcycle Alarm Systems

Because of the still growing number of motorcycle theft, you should ensure that your vehicle has extra layers of protection.

Motorcycle theft is not an unusual occurrence, the number of cases surging through the years. One of the main reasons is the relative lightness of the vehicle, making it an easy yet valuable target. The weight of an average motorcycle is around 400 pounds – even just two men might be able to carry the whole weight. Except, its wheels work as a convenience even in such an act.

As motorcycle theft is a rampant circumstance, you can never know if you are fortunate or unfortunate enough. In that case, there is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to protecting your motorcycle. Luckily, there are numerous sophisticated motorbike alarm systems that you can choose from nowadays.

To get a better look at these alarm systems and distinguish which one works best for you, here are several of them:

Brake Disc Lock with Alarm

The brake disc lock is probably the easiest to use as it does not require setting up and installation. It is a clamp-on lock that has a built-in alarm siren. Although it is quite simple compared to other alarm systems, the brake disc lock attaches to the brake discs through the holes, keeping the motorcycle’s movement limited, stopping short just after a short distance.

The device that comes with the brake disc lock is motion-sensitive that even just the slightest trigger can set the warning off. Additionally, after the warning, if the motion sensor is triggered once again within 5 to 10 seconds, a high-pitched alarm will ring for 10 seconds. Although some people might not find this convenient, extra protection won’t hurt.

Body Alarm

Body alarm is another inexpensive and easy system for your motorcycle. In most cases, this type is connected to the motorcycle’s system and has a motion sensor. It means that attempting to move the bike would trigger the alarm. Despite its convenience, it does not take much to install it, as you would only need to connect two to three wires directly to the battery terminals.

Another advantage is that you can upgrade it effortlessly since the wirings are standard. It is also relatively small; concealing its presence won’t be much trouble. This way, thieves won’t get too cautious.

GPS Tracker Alarm

The most significant advantage of a GPS tracker is that it can inform you of the whereabouts of your motorcycle. It would be most helpful if your bike is stolen, being able to track its location without hassle. Moreover, the GPS tracker can also act as an alarm. When the motorcycle moves, it transmits a notification call or message to your phone.

It is almost similar to the body alarm, but with a GPS tracker alarm, the motorcycle’s location is the one that acts as one.

GPS Tracker Alarm with Remote Engine Stop and Decoy Alarm

This type of motorcycle anti-theft system is similar to the GPS tracker alarm. However, it has additional features like a decoy alarm so that even if the thief tries to rip off the blaring one, the system will remain intact. Although this might not prove as much of a problem, especially if your motorcycle has a GPS tracker, it is still best to eliminate the possibility of someone removing the alarm system.

The best level of security that this alarm system offers is the remote engine kill switch that allows the owner to kill the engine even if the key is stolen.

Why should you install motorcycle alarm systems?

Because of the still growing number of motorcycle theft, you should ensure that your vehicle has extra layers of protection. Installing a motorcycle alarm system allows you to be immediately aware if you are becoming a victim of one. Choose which anti-theft system suits you the most, and don’t hesitate to go for it to save yourself from possibly experiencing motorcycle theft.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.