Is it worth it to hire a car accident lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer may be able to get you more money than you would get on your own.
Two drivers inspecting car damage after the traffic accident on the city road. Man calling road assistance or police

When a person is injured in a car accident, they have to deal with pain, multiple doctor appointments, and time away from work. They must also file an insurance claim to get money for their medical bills and damage to their property.  According to the URL here, it is a good idea to hire a car accident attorney before you accept an insurance company’s settlement offer. A personal injury lawyer may be able to get you more money than you would get on your own.

What steps should I take after an accident?

When you have a car accident, you should pull over to the side of the road and see if anyone is injured. You should call the police and wait for them to arrive. Take pictures of the accident scene and damage to each vehicle if you can, and get the names and numbers of any witnesses. It is important to exchange contact information with the other drivers involved in the collision. You should also get their insurance information.

Go to the doctor even if you feel just fine. There could be injuries that are not immediately apparent. Have your employer write a letter detailing the number of hours you have missed due to your accident and the amount of pay you have lost as a result. Call your insurance company as soon as you can and let them know about the crash. They will request that you send in documentation of your expenses.

An adjuster from the at-fault driver’s insurer will investigate your case. They will either accept or deny your claim. If they accept your claim, they will make you a settlement offer. Before you accept the settlement offer, you should always talk to a personal injury attorney.

What a Lawyer Can do for You 

The first settlement offer an insurance company will make is likely to be very low because they rely on the claimants’ naivety. They know that most people want to settle their claims so they can pay their expenses and move on with their life. However, it is very important to get the money you deserve.

An attorney can tell you if a settlement offer is fair and can negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf to get you more money. They will be well-versed in interpreting the language used in insurance policies. A personal injury attorney will keep up to date on insurance laws, and they will know the amount of money that you should get for your injuries. 

If your lawyer and the insurance company are unable to negotiate a fair settlement, you may have to sue. An attorney can take care of the necessary paperwork for you, and they can represent you in court. They will have the research and litigation skills necessary to win your case. 

If you are worried about the extra expense of an attorney, you should know then most of them will work on a contingency basis. That means that they only make money if you do. They will normally charge you 30% to 40 % of your settlement claim. Practically all personal injury attorneys offer a free consultation. 

Getting injured in an accident can be heartbreaking, but getting a fair settlement can give you the resources you need to move forward.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.