10 Useful Ways you can make your Ford look Brand New

Here, we have unveiled some important suggestions that can help you maintain the brand new look of the vehicle for a couple of years.

Are you one of those who love to keep their vehicles well-maintained? If so then this article is definitely for you. Ford Ranger is undoubtedly a perfect vehicle for all who like to travel in a classy way. The overall shape of the Ford Ranger is so eye-catchy that people fall in love with it. If you like to go on long routes, there is no better choice other than Ford Ranger.

However, it may prove a bit difficult to maintain its overall look because scratches or dents can ruin the seamless body of the car. Here, we have unveiled some important suggestions that can help you maintain the brand new look of the vehicle for a couple of years. Let’s dive into details:

Inspect Tires Regularly

The tires of the Ford Ranger can get flat if you travel a lot on bumpy roads. So, it will be good if you inspect the tires regularly before leaving your place. There can be dust particles in the middle of tires and they may affect the functionality of tires. It is crucial to maintain a required level of friction between road and tires. So, you should inspect them carefully and replace them with new ones at least twice a year.

There should be a tool to test the puncture in the tire and you can get a Ford Ranger dealer service manual for knowing the details of car service. Repair companies also rely on this manual and people who prefer to repair small defects at home should also get the original manual.

Check Fluids

It is important to check the fluids of the car as you may need to change the engine oil. Impurities in fuel are not good and you should check the fluid to test if impurities exist there or not. Replacing the engine oil with new fuel will help in keeping the engine clean and well-maintained.

Apart from it, suspension components may also need lubrication so it will be good if you test the lubrication level of those components. Make sure you rely on top-quality lubricants because substandard lubrication can affect the functionality of a vehicle.

Test Lights

Headlights and backlights of the car are important to check for road safety. If lights fail while being on the road, you’ll be in trouble and you may need to stop the car. So, if you ever feel that lights are dim or have other faults, get them replaced with new ones because this is something you should not take a risk on. Changing the bulb inside these lights can also help in fixing the problem so inspect the lights first and then treat them accordingly.

Cover Car’s Body

It is vital to protect the outer body of the Ford Ranger from UV rays because they affect the paint and fade the color. If the car is not in use, you should prefer to cover it with a UV-resistant cloth because it will not only protect it from sunlight but will resist dust particles too. These covers are not expensive to buy and you can simply avoid scratches with this little step.

Avoid Creating Mess Inside the car

People who do not keep the car clean face a lot of problems as accidents can also occur when empty bottles are stuck under the paddles. You should avoid creating a mess in the car because it can make the cleaning worse. If you are concerned about maintaining the brand new look of the car, keep it free from mess.

Treat Scratches and Dents Carefully

If a Ford Ranger has scratches and dents, you should treat them carefully because if you try to fix them with inappropriate tools, dents may not get fixed properly. You should contact a well-reputed service station where you can get top-quality services for car maintenance. Make sure that dents get fixed on time because delays in such tasks can affect the overall look of the Ford Ranger.

Wash the Car

Washing the car regularly can help you keep the vehicle well-maintained. You should prefer steam washing because it will save water and regular cleaning will help in maintaining the perfect shine of the car. Make sure you choose a car-friendly cleaner for washing the car because paint protection is crucial.

Park it at a Secure Place

Whenever you take the vehicle out, make sure you park it at a secure place. It would be better if you choose a place with a roof because UV protection is also mandatory and shade can protect the Ford from sun rays. Heavy rain also affects a car’s body, but parking under a roof can protect it completely.

Avoid Rash Driving

Rash driving is never recommended because it is not only dangerous for one’s life but jerks can affect the car’s parts too. You should avoid rash driving because safe driving is crucial for the safety of life and the vehicle.

Wax the Paint

If you wax the paint, you’ll be able to lock the shine of the car as it prevents UV rays and you may not need to repaint the vehicle for at least three years. You should contact a company with positive reviews for waxing the paint.

Regular Service is Crucial

Regular service of the car can save you from blunders and you won’t have to deal with major faults. In short, these few suggestions are vital to ponder for maintaining a brand new look of the car for a long time.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.