Finding the Right Decals for Your Dirt Bike

In addition to updating the look of the bike, the graphics offer many other benefits.

Graphics alter the appearance of a dirt bike in a matter of hours. In addition to updating the look of the bike, the graphics offer many other benefits. Some riders choose to purchase a ready-to-use kit while others go with customized decals. It’s all in what the rider wants for their bike. 

When purchasing decals for your dirt bike, riders must know what to consider. The following tips are helpful when sourcing and fitting graphics. This helps to ensure the right kit is purchased the first time. 

Ready-Made or Customized?

Some riders purchase a ready-made kit because they want their bike to resemble that of their favorite rider. They know this kit will fit their bike perfectly, as they choose the make, model, and year of the bike during the purchasing process. This can make the application process easier, although custom graphics are made to fit the bike as well. 

However, certain riders find they want a unique look to their bike. Many manufacturers today offer customizable graphics, so the rider can create the bike of their dreams. Each option comes with benefits and drawbacks, and the rider needs to take these into account when making their decision. Team members can create a custom look for all bike riders to provide a unified appearance. 

Vinyl Quality

When choosing dirt bike graphics, take the quality of the vinyl into consideration. Look for graphics that are a minimum of 16 mils thick. The maximum thickness recommended by most experts is 20 mils. While a person can choose thinner vinyl at a lower cost, the vinyl might not provide the desired layer of protection for the bike. In addition, the owner will need to replace it more often. Over time, this can lead to them spending more money than they would if they invested in high-quality graphics from the beginning. 

Adhesive Options

One thing a rider should not overlook when purchasing dirt bike graphics is the adhesive used to adhere the decals to the bike. 3M remains a trusted name in the adhesive industry, so learn if the company provides the material for the desired decals. If not, ask if the decal is made using a low surface energy adhesive, as this helps to ensure the decals remain in place.  

Protection from the Elements

Dirt bikes are designed for outdoor use. When choosing decals for the bike, ask about the UV resistance of the material. Nobody wants to find their decals have faded after a few weeks in the sun. In addition, look for decals that will hold up with exposure to wind, rain, and mud, as riders never knows what they will encounter. Finally, consider how well the decals will hold up to stones and dirt coming up from the track. Low-quality decals may rip or fall apart after one trip around the track if the conditions are rough. The rider’s money will be wasted, and the entire decal selection and application must begin again. 

Customer Service

Research several companies when deciding which graphics to buy. In addition to considering the above factors, learn about the customer service of each company. If a problem arises with the decals, the bike owner wants to know where to turn for help. Outstanding customer service is essential for this reason. 

Consider all the above when purchasing dirt bike graphics. With countless decals and companies to choose from, every ride can have the bike of their dreams. Begin looking today, as many riders are surprised to learn what is out there.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.