Functions And Uses Of Amber Vehicle Lighting

Commercial vehicles that want to increase visibility beyond what a single beacon or smaller marker lights may be able to offer also use light bars.

Amber lighting is now a common feature of many commercial and public safety vehicles. A police car can be identified right away by its flashing red, white, and blue lights. With their red and white flashing lights, ambulances are easy to spot. Fire trucks are also noticeable thanks to their red flashers. In the evenings and on dark days, tow trucks and construction vehicles protect their crews with the use of amber lights.

Multiple types of amber lights 

Light bars, these long thin bars, which rest on the top of the car, typically have customizable flashing patterns. Light bars are available in various sizes and can be installed in various locations throughout the vehicle. For example, slim amber led light bars are slender and have bulbs that face the road and guarantee safety because of how noticeable, yet subtle they are. Commercial vehicles that want to increase visibility beyond what a single beacon or smaller marker lights may be able to offer also use light bars.

Marker lights, these tiny, single-bulb lights, also known as clearance lights, are evenly spaced across the top of a car or truck or on its sides. Due to the fact that they show the full size of the load being pulled, they are particularly common on trailers. 

Beacons, these are used as single round lights with a variety of flashing and strobing patterns typically mounted on top of cars. Security and construction trucks are where they are most frequently used.

Two main functions

Amber led lighting has two very important functions on the road. 


When amber lights on other vehicles are seen on the road, whether they are flashing or not, drivers instinctively know to drive carefully. In every driving instruction, the majority of people learn to associate tow trucks traveling to the scene of an accident with amber lighting and to be cautious and give them priority on the road. In this regard, amber lighting serves as an essential warning to other motorists to help alert them to an emergency vehicle.


Amber lighting increases the visibility of work vehicles to other motorists, enhancing everyone’s safety on the road. This added security is crucial for non-emergency construction, utility, and/or maintenance vehicles operating in low-light conditions or on congested roads.

Which vehicles are required to use amber lighting?

Most states do everything to encourage the use of amber lights on any cars engaged in roadside maintenance or assistance. The following is a list of the kinds of vehicles that can use amber lights, and in some cases are even required to by state laws. 

Construction vehicles 

Vehicles used for construction and highway maintenance are frequently on the road at night and in bad weather.  Driving with little attention, fatigued workers, and poor visibility can result in serious accidents or fatalities. Heavy-duty LED amber warning lights that are dependable and ensure the safety of the crew and oncoming traffic are needed for construction and work zone vehicles.

Snow plows

The most difficult and dangerous driving conditions are faced by vehicles used for winter service, such as snow plows, sweepers, spreaders, and others. They must outfit their trucks with dazzling, strong, and dependable LED amber strobe lights that can cut through snow, fog, and total darkness. Effective warning lights significantly increase everyone’s visibility and safety while driving. 

Emergency vehicles 

To help steer drivers away from hazardous road conditions or emergency scenes, police cars, fire trucks, and ambulances can also use rear-facing amber lights, traffic advisors, and arrow sticks in addition to their red, blue, and white lights. The only way to be certain of the rules governing the use of amber lights in your state is to research the traffic laws in your area.

Utility vehicles 

Utility vehicles need to be equipped with LED amber lights, such as hide-aways, mini light bars, and grille lights, that are dependable, incredibly durable and can withstand the daily grind of difficult, demanding work Whether it’s an ATV, UTV, or heavy-duty service truck. In any environment, amber warning lights provide an efficient warning solution.

Final Thoughts 

Simple things like amber lights are often taken for granted. But in the end, they have probably played a bigger role in averting accidents and saving lives than we will ever be able to comprehend. The use of amber lights for both emergency and commercial vehicles is dictated by state laws, so make sure you look at your state’s laws to determine if you’re allowed to mount them on your vehicle. In case you have this opportunity, make sure you use them properly to avoid risky situations on the road.

Tom Brown
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