Mistakes to Avoid After a Hit and Run Accident

Knowing what to do in a hit and run accident increases the possibility of getting compensated after the accident.

Hit and run accidents happen when drivers who get into car accidents that cause personal injury or property damage flee the crime scene instead of stopping as stipulated by each state’s law. After getting involved in a hit and run accident, seeking the compensation you legally deserve for your damages can be challenging. Knowing what to do in a hit and run accident increases the possibility of getting compensated after the accident. This article outlines five mistakes to avoid after a hit and run accident.

1. Not hiring a lawyer

Hit and run lawsuits can get complicated and messy, primarily when multiple parties and other insurance companies are involved. Seeking legal help and guidance immediately is essential. A skilled and experienced local accident lawyer like the Queens hit and run accident lawyer can help fight for your rights, ensuring fair compensation.

If the run-away driver is known, proving liability is a technically complex process. Your attorney can help establish legal requirements to confirm that the driver is liable. This is crucial because the insurance company and court must see liability before authorizing compensation.

2. Failure to seek immediate medical attention

Hit and run accidents can cause mild or severe accidents based on the accident. If you get into an accident, seeking prompt medical attention is essential even when you feel okay. This is because you might not experience body injuries or accident shock until after a few days. You may also sustain apparent injuries, causing neck and back injuries, bleeding, internal injuries, or broken bones.

Immediate medical attention is crucial to preventing injuries from escalating due to delayed treatment. Additionally, not getting prompt medical care for your injuries can be used against you by the insurance company, resulting in a loss of compensation.
Delayed treatment may also lead to poor recovery.

3. Not gathering evidence

Relevant evidence is the only weapon you need to prove your case in court and get compensation. However, your safety should come first. Collecting evidence at the crime scene has become easier. You can use the camera on your smartphone to record audio and take videos. When gathering evidence, consider including photos of the car damage, accident scene, skid marks, the responsible driver’s number plate if possible, and more.

Besides helping prove your claim, car accident pictures are essential in helping you remember that day’s events. If you cannot collect evidence, you can have somebody else do it. You can also record witness statements and take their contact details.

4. Failure to call the police

A hit and run accident can be stressful and frustrating, and you might feel that calling the police won’t do any good. However, informing the police is vital for your well-being and safety. It also helps ensure your accident is documented via a police report. Additionally, the police may assist in tracking down the responsible driver for further investigation to ensure justice is served.

5. Not filing a claim

When the driver who hit you flees the scene, it doesn’t mean you’ll no longer be eligible for compensation for your losses and injuries. File a claim seeking compensation for all the damages suffered.


Hit and run accidents can leave you in shock and not knowing what to do. Nevertheless, avoiding these mistakes after the accident can help protect you legally.

Tom Brown
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