How Do I Find a Doctor After Being Injured in a Car Accident?

ou should never decline medical treatment on the scene, as this can impact your personal injury claim.
Medic applying bandage on the head of victim with serious damages sitting on the driver seat after the road accident. Providing emergency medical assistance

If you were recently in a car accident, you may or may not have had injuries severe enough to go to the emergency room. It’s still important to be checked out, as many injuries from car accidents don’t immediately present themselves.

You should never decline medical treatment on the scene, as this can impact your personal injury claim. If you feel pain or discomfort, seeking medical treatment is important to rule out internal injuries like traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, or soft tissue damage.

Once you have been cleared by paramedics or emergency room doctors, you will have to continue your recovery. You will need a doctor to help you heal from your injuries.

Should I Go to My Primary Care Doctor?

Your family doctor may seem like the ideal place to start. However, this will just waste time. A general practitioner is helpful in other situations, but not following an accident.

Primary care doctors do not specialize in the kind of injuries that are sustained in automobile accidents. If you go to your general practitioner, they will send you to a specialist. It makes more sense to go to an accident clinic where you can find the specialists you need all in one place.

What Kind of Doctor Should I See?

The type of doctor you will need to see will depend on your injuries. Car accident victims typically need chiropractic care, physical therapy, interventional pain management, and treatments for neurological damage. In a car accident medical clinic, you will find these types of specialists to continue the care for your recovery.

One of the leading causes of pain after a car accident is damage to soft tissues. Muscles, subcutaneous tissue, and skin tissue may experience tearing during an accident, which can cause extreme pain and discomfort. At the hospital, they may give you an x-ray or use another form of imaging. If you’re still in pain once you are discharged, you may need a hands-on evaluation through manipulation of your tissues.

While it might be a relief that the hospital hasn’t found anything life-threatening, it is important to get the care you need after an accident. You may have a long way to go before you feel like yourself again. If your mobility has been hindered by your injuries, it may be difficult to do simple tasks. By visiting a clinic full of specialists experienced in treating car accident injuries, you can get the complete care you need to get back on your feet.

Where Can I Find a Car Accident Clinic?

An accident clinic in Hollywood – Icon Medical Center, can help you through medical treatments to alleviate your pain and suffering after a car accident. You should not ignore your pain or make the mistake of thinking it will just disappear. If you do not get the treatment you need, your injuries could worsen.

Additionally, you won’t get the proper documentation needed for your personal injury case. If you take care of yourself by getting the treatments you need right after your accident, you’ll be able to feel better sooner. Whatever you do, be sure you have the right specialist examine you for your best outcome.

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