Here at CarNewsCafe, we have several regular features as well as some intermittent ones. To highlight those for our readers and make it easier for you to find this premium, exclusive content more quickly, here are a list of those feature pieces we publish regularly.

  • Car Reviews – our most popular feature are reviews of vehicles we’ve test driven as either long-term manufacturer loans or as first-impression “first drive” cars. Car reviews are in the Car Reviews section and publish every Monday with extras often publishing on Wednesday or Friday as well.
  • Fixit Friday – a regular do-it-yourself mechanics diagnostics, repair, and maintenance section where we highlight beginner-level DIY repair jobs as well as more advanced information on automotive mechanics, processes, etc. This feature publishes every Friday in our DIY Mechanics section.
  • Jay Leno’s Garage – here at CarNewsCafe, we are big fans of Jay Leno and his Web series, so we often share his latest shows with our audience. You’ll find these in the Jay Leno Garage section, updating weekly.
  • Podcast – the Car News Cafe Podcast publishes every week (or so) with a hiatus during common holidays. A supplemental podcast focusing on electric vehicles is also published on occasion. Our podcast publishes here with show notes and audio is available for streaming both here and on popular podcast syndication systems like iTunes and Stitcher. We also publish to YouTube for easy access. Podcasts will be found in the Podcast section.
  • Saturday Showdown – this is a new feature in which we compare two (or more) vehicles that are similar in market, price, etc. This is a pure “VS” matchup where we detail differences between the vehicles to help potential buyers narrow down their choices in a segment. This publishes every other Saturday in the Showdown sub-category of the Car Reviews section.
  • Coffee and a Concept – this intermittent series is a showcase of a concept car or vehicle that had an impact on the automotive industry in some way. These are heavily-researched pieces that usually include a lot of historical photography. They are found in the Coffee and a Concept section.
  • Electric Car Weekly – this occasional roundup of electric vehicle (EV) news is published to bring readers quickly up to date on the latest happenings in this exciting new arena for automotive. It publishes in its own section.
  • Press Release – occasionally, we stumble upon a story we just don’t have time to write about ourselves, but that is compelling and of definite interest to our readers. In those rare occasions, we will re-publish the press release for the story in the Press Release section. This happens most commonly around auto shows and other very busy press times.