The writers and editors of CarNewsCafe are not just “gearheads.”  We also like to contribute our efforts towards charitable organizations and groups as much as possible.  Below are some charities we work with on a personal level and we hope that you will consider donating your money or even your valuable time so that they can continue charitable causes for others.

Pets and Animals

National English Shepherd Rescue – The National English Shepherd rescue is a group that helps rescues dogs in various circumstances.  NESR specifically focuses on the English Shepherd dog breed and English Shepherd mixes.  Adam Yamada-Hanff, one of our senior writers and co-founders of CarNewsCafe, personally works with NESR.  He has donated money, transported English Shepherds, and even has fostered dogs for NESR.  The most memorable was a lively puppy named Scout who got a singing lesson from one of his other dogs, Sierra.

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue a community organized pet rescue group in Northern Colorado, the RMPR started with just puppies and has since moved to most small animals so long as they can find a foster home for them until a permanent home is to be had.  Senior editor Aaron Turpen here at Car News Cafe is involved in many locally-based, no-kill shelters like this one.  He hauls hay for a local large animal rescue shelter that is no longer a 501(3)(c) organization due to its owner striking oil on her property and no longer needing donations (luck is karma, folks).

Politics and Activism

Disabled American Veterans – The most active advocate for veterans’ rights in the United States, the DAV works to help disabled military veterans find the services they need or bring the services to them.  Working closely with the Department of Defense’s Department of Veterans Affairs, but separately as a non-governmental non-profit organization supported by its members, the DAV helps veterans connect with services and fights for their rights in the VA court system when needed.  Aaron’s wife being a disabled veteran (USN, Gulf War), he came to know the DAV well after repeated denials of status from the VA.  The DAV fought for her and eventually won her case.  Aaron’s family is actively engaged in volunteer work with their local DAV and VA.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Acting as a non-partisan activist organization that both think tanks policy and brings together disparate activists, the EFF focuses on Internet privacy and law and how it affects our most effective form of free speech and communication.  The EFF covers both governmental and private corporate abuses of privacy in our electronic world.  Because Internet freedom and privacy are important to all of us, Car News Cafe supports this group wholeheartedly. – In light of the recent revelations that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been running a wide scale domestic surveillance program StopWatching.US was formed.  The organizations and groups backing the petition and effort come from all political backgrounds.  We encourage you to sign your name to the petition so that your representatives will listen to you.

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