Adam Yamada-Hanff

adam yamada hanff

Adam Yamada-Hanff has always loved anything with wheels or that can move whether it be trains, motorcycles, cars, bicycles, etc.  Adam covers any fun and interesting auto stories he can find.

While Adam loves talking about cars he finds the relationships people have with their vehicles much more interesting.  Adam is a member of  International Motor Press Association (IMPA) and the Washington Automotive Press Association (WAPA).

Adam has two dogs, Cody and Sierra, who like to “sing” when he plays music on his saxophone.  (Check them out on Singing Dogs)  Including playing music with his two dogs, writing, and cars he also likes watching movies and building websites. Adam is under the impression that TV was invented to broadcast Top Gear.  Here on CarNewsCafe, he is an Editor, Co-Founder, SEO. Adam runs his own SEO and domain brokerage firm as well.

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