Cars are amazing, and we can all agree on that. But have you ever bought a car and thought that you forgot to do something? We’re sure at least some of us have; it’s that nagging feeling we get while we’re driving home from the lot. Maybe you rechecked the sunroof or forgot you were in a convertible?

This handy little list will help you stop worrying about anything you might have neglected to consider.

Buying a Replacement Key

Oh the times we’ve locked our keys in the ignition, how many art thou? It’s happened a few times with ourselves here. At first, we managed to use a piece of wire to unlock the door. Another time we had to break a window. After breaking that window, it was decided. Never again would a struggle be necessary if one of us forgot to take the key out.

We ordered a set of car key replacements to carry on us, and the window was never broken again.

Watch Your Oil

Oil is a slippery subject, and it’s often just one more thing to forget. But changing your oil after every 5,000 miles or so is essential. That new engine of yours is one thing you don’t want to be damaged by fresh floating particles in your oil. Changing your oil ensures that the inner workings of your new car will last for a long time.

We were kicking ourselves after learning this one the hard way.

Buy a Decent Air Freshener

It may sound odd, but that new car smell won’t last long. Eventually, your body odors will start to mix in with the car’s fabrics, and in time, you’ll just be smelling you. Why not treat your nose to a new exotic scented air freshener or maybe something traditional like pine-scented air fresheners? Perhaps you enjoy a calming, flowery smell or maybe something more robust and out there. Or do you just want to make your own?

Either way, we’re still happy with the little tree hanging from our mirror.

Read Your Owner’s Manual

Filled with useful information and advice, this little, often not-so-little book, is a must-read. This goes doubly so for those of you that have never bought a car until just recently. It gives you the ideal tire pressure, gas type, and even how to use a few built-in extras of the car. You also don’t want to be forgetting your maintenance guide, which advises you on when / how often the vehicle should undergo maintenance.

It’s tedious, we won’t lie about that, but it’s worth it.

Keep Your Tank Full

Running out of gas in the middle of nowhere is anyone’s worst nightmare, but damaging your fuel pump and injectors is a drivers worst nightmare. We don’t want to spend money on replacement parts, especially on a new car. The best way to avoid this is not to damage the car’s intricacies before they’ve lived their full lifespan.

After all, none of us enjoy the first event either. This is basically killing two birds with one stone.

Lastly, Relax

And there we go, five things you should do when you get a new car. Hopefully, these will be keeping you on the roads longer and give you more enjoyment and peace-of-mind on your drives!


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