How to Choose the Right Van for You

Before settling for a van for your van life, there are several factors you need to put into consideration. Such factors will include the van type, the size, your budget, and much more. With a good van, you are assured of enjoying every moment in the wilderness or where you plan to go. There are several vans to choose from, starting from the smallest to the largest, an average van to the customized one. It depends on your needs and wants. This informative van article will discuss some of the essential factors to consider when choosing a van. Here is the list.

1. The Budget

Your budget will greatly determine the kind of van you will get. The reason is that different vans are priced differently depending on whether it’s a new one, plain, converted, or customized. The size will also depend on the cost since smaller ones cost less than their larger counterparts. So, what’s your budget? If you don’t have money to purchase an already converted camper van, you can consider buying one and then converting it yourself or getting one with a simple build. If your finances are more, you can get an already converted, huge van that fits two or more people with fully customized features. There is no fixed cost of converting the vans. It all depends on the customized features you will need and the budget.

2. Will You Use The Van Part-time Or Full-time?

You can use your van to carry out any duty. It all depends on you. Maybe you will want a van for short time use, while at times, you will need it for full-time use. This factor will significantly depend on the van you will choose. You can use your van for a family weekend while using it for other duties during weekdays or plan it for longer family trips, which take days. According to building guides from Nomad mobile homes, if you need the van only for the weekends, you might want it less built with only essentials for a weekend. In contrast, if you want it for longer trips that will take you days, you might need one built with all essentials, including bathrooms, kitchens, and other essentials. Its size will also depend on the people to carry during the trip. 

3. Where Will Your Van Operate?

Do you intend to use your van in cold areas or hot climate regions, or all seasons? If looking for a camper van to use on specific climatic conditions, it’s crucial considering one that accommodates cold or hot climatic conditions depending on the region. However, if you are using your van round the year with changing climates, it’s essential to have one customized to accommodate all the climatic conditions, including summer and winter. Warmer areas might require a van with larger open windows and more ventilation with fans or AC. In contrast, cold regions will require a van customized with a warmer interior with heaters and other components. Also, other than the climate, you have to check on the terrain. Dirty roads or the wilderness might require a 4by4 off-road vehicle, while in towns or normal roads will require the regular two-wheel-drive van. Whatever the case, it is essential getting your priorities right to guide you on the best vehicle to purchase.

4. How Many People Will Use The Van?

Will it be only you, with your spouse or together with your family members and friends? If you are looking for a simple van to carry you and maybe your spouse for a day’s trip, you may require a small van with few human needs. But if planning to carry along your family on longer trips, you might require a fully customized large vehicle that will accommodate all members together with their needs. Ensure that the van you chose can carry everyone comfortably and accommodates their wants, including enough food, accommodation, water, and other necessities.

5. The Type Of Gear To Include In The Van

Not all vans can accommodate all the gears you may want to carry for your trip. Ensure the van you chose can accommodate all your equipment comfortably without making it look overloaded. If planning to carry along your bikes, hiking accessories, camping materials, clothing, and beddings, ensure the kind of van you chose can accommodate all these. This idea means you should find a spacious van if you have so many things for your trips.

Other simple factors that may affect your van’s choice include your body size and height and when you need the van. If it’s immediate, you will need an already converted van, while if you don’t need it immediately, you might buy one and customize it yourself. There are companies which sell or convert vans to your specification. It’s essential to consider choosing them if you want something perfect for your trips.

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Emily Muelford

Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.

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Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.