A Tent For Your Electric Vehicle That Recharges

A tent protects and charges an EV
A solar tent that protects your electric vehicle and recharges it

What would you say to a tent that protects and recharges your electric vehicle? Hakan Gürsu feels he has the right answer for you with his V-Tent.

The world of electric vehicles is fantastic and opens wide a door to imagination and thinking outside the box. Case in point, how about covering your electric vehicle (EV) with a tent that recharges it at the same time?

A Charging Tent.

V-Tent by Dr. Hakan Gürsu

The tent is the brainchild of Dr. Hakan Gürsu who successfully manages to bring innovative ideas with a touch of design. Dubbed as an eco-friendly parking system the V-Tent protects and charges your electric vehicle at the same time. By collapsing the tent, this makes it an ideal system for parking lots to host EVs while charging at the same without using electricity from utilities. However, this system can also work perfectly for home owners, as well.

Technically Speaking.  The V-Tent system goes as far as allowing to charge, estimate charge time and paying for that time spent parking. The flexible solar panel is only extended when a vehicle is being charged and retracts when not in use. Using a multi-layered laminated fabric system, as you can see from the slideshow, the flexible solar panels’ inside layers are micro ventilated with tubes and prevent overheating. Gürsu says the V-Tent can also be use to generate electricity for lighting.

You can see a video on YouTube demonstrating the functioning and application of the V-Tent here. http://youtu.be/sT3SCuwELRU courtesy InHabitat (inhabitat.com/v-tent-is-a-solar-powered-ev-charging-and-protection-unit/)

Of course by now astute readers will have asked if it can actually recharge a car and how long it would actually take. While solar chargers are still not energy efficient enough to charge a fully depleted electric vehicle battery pack, they do make sense for an EV parked somewhere that just needs a topping off.

Hakan Gürsu is no stranger to alternative energy design and green awards. Last year alone he received a few awards with his green design firm, Designnobis. His website ) shows impressive work with a touch of elegant designing and a a tent that protects your EV while charging is something you’ll always have fun mentioning at a party. In the meantime, congratulation Hakan with your innovative V-Tent that protects and recharges an electric vehicle.

Nicolas Zart
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