Editorial Staff

The editorial staff here at CarNewsCafe.com consists of a variety of contributors, seasoned veteran writers, and newcomers.  We are proud of each and every one who take part in this car news magazine; big or small.

Aaron Turpen – Editor-in-Chief

Aaron handles most of the editing and technical backend operations here.  He is our “Tech Genius.”  Aaron’s focus in automotive has been to bring a different perspective, based on excitement and knowledge, using his background as a writer, truck driver, and automotive mechanic for a basis. Read his latest here.

Adam Yamada-Hanff – Editorial Commentary

Adam has a background in automotive mechanics, social media, and more. His Baltimore-based commentary often has a touch of salt and humor. Read his latest here.

Alicia Baker – Lifestyles Contributor

Alicia is based in Canada and brings lifestyle and ownership perspectives to CarNewsCafe. Her background is in insurance, finance, and automotive safety. Read her latest here.

Drive Mode – Reviews and Editorial Commentary

The Drive Mode Show is another project of our editor Aaron Turpen, teamed up with Texas-based automotive contributor Kristin Shaw. The two comment on current happenings in automotive and give reviews of vehicles from varied perspectives. Read their latest here.

Emily Muelford – British Automotive Lifestyles

Emily is an automotive lifestyles writer based in Great Britain. Her background includes automotive sales, shop repairs, and insurance. She has been a fan of car culture since an early age. Read her latest here.

James Gilboy – Automotive Reviewer

James is a Colorado-based contributor offering a unique Rocky Mountain perspective on automotive. His reviews focus on the practical and the whimsical, giving a unique millennial perspective on things. Read his latest here.

Jimmy Dinsmore – Author and Automotive Reviewer

Jimmy is a long-time writer whose reviews are syndicated across the United States. His book, Mustang By Design, has been lauded as one of the most personable books about the Ford Mustang to ever hit shelves. Read his latest here.

John Goreham – Automotive Reviewer

John is a trained engineer with a background in science who brings a unique, logical, and consumer-focused perspective to automotive review. Read his latest here.

Kristin Shaw – Automotive Reviewer

Kristin is an award-winning automotive journalist with a background in technology, aviation, and telecommunications. She is well-known in the automotive world and is based in Texas. Read her latest here.

Luke Peters – Lifestyles and Editorial Contributor

Luke is a popular writer covering perspectives from the layman’s point of view. His background brings a unique look at automotive from a consumer’s perspective. Read his latest here.

Martin Banks – Lifestyles Contributor

Martin has a long history with both automotive and technology. His background brings a perspective focused on real-world consumer uses in automotive. Read his latest here.

Nicolas Zart – Electrified Vehicles

Nicolas has a background that heavily involves classic cars, but his newfound perspective came after driving and being around electric vehicles. His EV passion grew quickly and his location in Southern California only bolstered that. Read his latest here.

Robert Cooke – Lifestyles Contributor

Robert is a long-time mechanic and automotive enthusiast whose perspective brings a clear understanding of the aftermarket and after-sale for consumers. Read his latest here.

Tim Esterdahl – Automotive Journalist

Tim is a Nebraska-based journalist who specializes in pickup trucks and sport utilities. His YouTube channel and website, Pickup Truck + SUV Talk have become synonymous with deep coverage of trucks, lifestyles around them, and the technologies within them. Read his latest here.

Tom Brown – Lifestyles Contributor

Tom is a native of the East Coast of the United States with a background in high-end automotive sales and public relations. He brings a unique perspective in lifestyles in and around automotive consumers. Read his latest here.

Will Hopstetter – Lifestyles Contributor

Will has a background in engineering and statistical analysis, but focuses his work in automotive on the choices consumers make and the repercussions of those choices. Read his latest here.