The Price is Right offers most expensive prize ever, a Ferrari 458 Spyder

ferrari 458 spyder

ferrari 458 spyder

The Price is Right, the longest running game show in history, offered the most expensive prize on the show today.  No, it wasn’t a vacation to Tahiti or the Bahamas (although that would be quite nice) it was a black Ferrari 458 Spyder convertible.

Drew Carey and Manuela Arbelaez, a quite attractive Price is Right model, showcased the Ferrari 458 Spyder supercar as part of the show’s “Big Money Week” segment.  Yes, you definitely need big money to buy a Ferrari 458 as the sticker price for this supercar convertible is $285,716.

Previously the most expensive prize on the show was another car and it was convertible, an all-electric Tesla Roadster.  The sticker price for the Tesla Roadster was $112,845.  The Tesla Roadster was won on Earth Day 3 years ago when it was still in production.

The contestant on “The Price is Right” who was playing for the Ferrari 458 Spyder had to play “Three Strikes.”  A blog that follows “The Price is Right” game show daily, The Price is Right Recaps, knows the ins-and-outs of this game.

Rule/Set Change: As some of you know, 3 Strikes only appeared to be six-digit compliant. The leftmost position on the board, however (where the dollar sign is), was wired to be always on. It has always been said that if this game was ever to be played for a prize worth over $100K using its present board, the first digit would have to be spotted to the player. Well, it now seems as though they’ve “fixed” that somehow. The first digit is blacked out just like the others, and a green $ (in the 3 Strikes font, sadly not the old curlicue that for all we know is still stored behind the prop) has been tacked onto the game. Naturally, this breeds a rule change, with six numbers in the bag as well as the Strikes:

This is not the video of the Ferrari 458 Spyder segment from today but this contestant plays “Three Strikes” for a chance to win a Jaguar XF, which is still a pretty slick car in my opinion   It should give you a better idea of how the game works.

If you find these rules and odds for “Three Strikes” confusing, I will save you the suspense.  Therese, who was playing for the Ferrari 458 Spyder, did not win the Italian supercar.  I feel bad for Therese but it is probably for the best though.  I imagine it would be difficult for her to afford insurance on a Ferrari (unless she has a trust fund or something) and had a hefty tax bill for winning a supercar.  Not to mention maintenance and upkeep on Ferrari’s is pricey too.  That’s why the two best days of owning a Ferrari is the day you get it and the day you sell it.

UPDATE 4-28-13: To watch the clip of Therese playing for the Ferrari 459 Spyder convertible click here!

the price is right

[Source – The Price is Right Recaps]

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