Russian Chick crashes a Nissan GT-R, which makes us Cry! [VIDEO]

nissan gt-r crash

Checkout this video of a Russian Chick driving a Nissan GT-R on a drag racing track as she crashes the supercar into a guardrail.  While car crash videos are always popular on Youtube, this made us cry.  I mean… it’s Nissan GT-R and it’s sooo beautiful!  🙁

Luckily the driver doesn’t appear to be hurt and she actually gets out of the car and casually walks around.  Unfortunately the Nissan GT-R… wasn’t so lucky and it looks like the Japanese supercar was probably totaled.

Here is the video description translated into English using Google Translate by the way.  (Nobody we know speaks Russian but if you do let us know!)

The organizing committee of the festival Unlim 500 + in connection with the accident that occurred on September 15
consider it necessary to report the following :

1. The driver of the car Nissan GT-R with the hull number 31 after accident
underwent a medical examination, which resulted in the
found that the injury was not caused by the driver .

2 . The accident happened during a show – races, which were organized by
request of the participants and spectators. Participants were warned of
hazards created by weather conditions, understand the risks and have agreed to
to take precautionary measures when driving on wet surface.

3 . All races have been provided in all safety rules and were
in the presence of machinery fire safety, first aid and rescue
rapid response vehicles . In all the appropriate places on the track
were marshals with fire extinguishers .

4 . Organizers regard this case as a precedent for strengthening measures
safety during the festival Unlim 500 + . List and measures changes in
Regulation of the activities will be published in the near future .

5 . As an additional preventive measures for further activities
since 2014 , is expected to reduce the path length of 1 mile (1600
m ) and 1 km ( 1000) .

6. Festival Unlim 500 + is not a sporting event , and the rules
sporting events is not subject .

Adam Yamada-Hanff
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