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Elio Motors, the might-be-a-carmaker who recently gained a possible production facility in Louisiana, will be showcasing their 84 mpg three-wheeler at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. They are now promising the Elio will be on the market by the first quarter of 2015 – just one year from now.

The Elio will be on display as part of ShowStoppers at the 2014 CES. We have been following Elio Motors since their vehicle first caught our attention and prompted us to make a video review, which quickly became one of the most popular videos on our YouTube Channel (go the channel here):

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6 thoughts on “Elio Motors to make appearance at CES”

  1. Toyota’s truck plant in San Antonio can’t keep up with demand. Us locals hope Toyota will buy the Shreveport plant since it’s ready to go for small truck production. I bet Caddo will make them a good deal for the site minus the mineral rights.

    1. Toyota definitely needs to expand production. They have a new plant in Mississippi (currently building only the Corolla) and could still buy into NUMMI since they have a good relationship with Tesla and most of that plant is idle.

      1. Toyota moved their truck production from the NUMMI plant to SA since it was closer to their suppliers and main market. Buying the Caddo site would be a no-brainer for the same reasons.

  2. Us locals are beginning to wonder if Elio has any plans to build their car here since they haven’t signed a lease agreement yet with IRG. Since Elio has always been been looking for tax payer monies to finance his venture we think he’ll pump Caddo and the state for loans once the design and testing has been completed with the threat to move the operations elsewhere if turned down. Caddo gave the two 30 months after Jan. 1 to become a viable operation or get kicked out so it may be sooner if Elio keeps putting off signing a lease.

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